About Malta

The fresh ingredients, centuries of cultural influences from Italy, North Africa, Spain and Britain are the shaping factors of Maltese cuisine and its delicious recipes. The staple foods of the Mediterranean, olive oil, honey, bread, fish, pasta and wine all create the base of Malta's gastronomic legacies and reputation.

Chosen the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) on the 12th October 2012, Valletta is one of the most stunning City destinations you can visit. The ECoC includes all the Maltese Islands, with an aim to spread its impact throughout the whole Maltese territory.

It is not easy to imagine that two islands between Italy and Africa is actually home to the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. These sites on our Maltese Islands are so unique that they pose to rewrite the history of the Mediterranean itself.

Divers, you cannot find clearer waters, coves, scuttled wrecks and sea life better anywhere else but in Malta and its surrounding seas. Consistently voted as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean for diving Malta & Gozo offer a wide interesting range of both off shore and boat diving sites.

The best time to come back to Malta is during the festa season; which peaks from the end of May to the end of September. Just like a fairy tale, the streets are adorned in colourful banners, holy statues raised on columns and confetti adorn the main streets of the town or village.The night sky is almost constantly illuminated with fireworks during this period. People from all around the islands come together to watch the impressive fireworks displays and participate in the celebrations. It is a wonderful time to be in Malta.