Festivals Malta has a vision, mission and strategy for all of Malta’s festivals falling under its auspices. In line with goals set by Arts Council Malta, it shall endeavour to shape Malta’s cultural development through all the performing arts, and to develop a financially sustainable ecosystem that entertains, enriches and inspires performers and audiences alike.

Festivals Malta shall aim to increase the quality of all the festivals within its remit and increase their audiences. It shall work on both goals with equal drive and determination. In other words, it shall strive to make artistic and performance quality popular. Festivals Malta will also seek to nurture potential synergies with other entities and festival brands, local and foreign, which may be of assistance for it to better execute its mandate.



  • Festivals MaltaVision is to nurture creativity, professionalism and cultural education in festivals of the performing arts. It is to offer a platform to local performing talent, particularly youth, and nurture its growth.
  • It shall strive to make festivals an integral part of Maltese social and cultural life.
  • Festivals Malta will be a fulcrum for cooperation between festivals in order to promote artistic expression, cultural excellence and democratic expression. The same cooperation can also be tapped into to create economies of scale between festivals.
  • Festivals Malta will create Malta’s global brand as that of a ‘festival island’ – a place where people travel to in order to enjoy their favourite performing art.



  • To execute its mandate, Festivals Malta shall simultaneously take on three different an frequently separate structured roles. As:
    • The sole organiser of a range of festivals
    • A partner with local private festival promoters
    • A partner with international festival brands.

In order to both deliver its mandate as well as be able to monitor it, in the execution of all three roles Festivals Malta shall also act as a regulator in accordance with its remit and that of Arts Council Malta. 

  • Festivals Malta recognises that the future of festivals in Malta hinges on further internationalisation, both in terms of the artists as well as through cooperation with foreign festival brands. In this sense, we envision the building of strong partnerships with foreign festival promoters to create a standing network of collaboration beyond our shores.
  • As part of Festivals Malta's internationalisation drive, we endeavour to create a partnership with the Edinburgh Festival. Thematically, the geographic North/South axis across Europe could be very fruitfully translated into one of cultural cooperation and exchange. The coupling of Edinburgh’s brand as a ‘festival city’ with Malta’s as a ‘festival island’ has obvious potential. Malta’s EU presidency term (Jan-June 2017) would be an ideal window to launch this initiative.
  • With the proliferation of low cost travel and the growing preference for short breaks, travelling specifically to attend a festival is sharply increasing. Since tourism is one of Malta’s key economic sectors, Festivals Malta shall work directly with the Tourism Ministry and the Malta Tourism Authority in order to design, platform and schedule festivals in order for the country to reap the maximum benefit from this phenomenon. This particular synergy can also lead to the creation of new funding models, both private and public.
  • Festivals Malta recognises that with digitalization, the performing arts are breaking new frontiers and redefining the very meaning of a ‘performance’. Truly, the future future of the performing arts lies in the mutating nexus between live and digital. Furthermore, the digital revolution is also changing the production of art at festivals. Festivals Malta will strive to be at the cutting edge of this global phenomenon.
  • That all the world is a stage is only a slight exaggeration when applied to Malta. Our country - with it’s topography, historical sites and buildings and surrounding sea - is indeed a ‘stage’, as the global film and audiovisual industry is increasingly recognising. Festivals Malta shall take this lesson to the festival world and identify existing sites which might be used as festival venues.


Fruitful partnerships

  • It is recognised that Festivals Malta will be a key link in the national chain to ensure that the relevant infrastructure and operations evolve to help citizens, visitors, artists and audiences make the most out of their experience of the performing arts. Concretely, it needs to be party to decisions influencing infrastructure developments for accommodation, venues, ICT, technological innovation and transport integration. To reach this goal, Festivals Malta would cooperate with various public and private institutions and entities.
  • For Festivals Malta, successful festival creation requires an entire value chain rather than just a focus on certain links in it. It is not enough to provide assistance to artists or to offer them a performance platform. Equally indispensable links in the value chain are impresarios, promoters, agents and service providers. Without nurturing healthy and productive relations between all of them, and without incentivising growth and investment in new technologies, current and new performing arts creations would not reach audiences sustainably.
  • Festivals Malta will liaise with key local service providers to the festivals with the intention of.



  • The Festivals Malta brand shall be strongly, organically and systematically promoted in Malta in order to increase attendance and make it more sustainable. As a government entity, the effort will be to widen the scope beyond the obvious marketing platforms - traditional and social media - and to partner with educational, cultural and social institutions and organisations. The creation of a lively link between Festivals Malta and educational institutions at all levels is particularly important on this count.
  • Festivals Malta shall have a long-term, professionally-driven and financially sustainable plan to create, develop and nurture the ‘festival island’ brand on an international level.


Business & Financials

  • Festivals Malta has the task to impart business knowledge and modelling for artists and promotersin order to help them make their ideas and dreams financially feasible.
  • Festivals Malta shall reach out to the private sector with a view to nurturing healthy synergies focused on mutually beneficial cultural sponsorship.


Mapping the organisation

  • Organisationally, Festivals Malta shall be set up to achieve the following goals:
  • Secure the amounts of public and private funding and human resources to execute its remit
  • Conduct ongoing research in order to keep abreast of global developments in the festivals world
  • Establish KPIs to measure the fulfilment of its remit