An audiovisual competition to celebrate Freedom Day

An audiovisual competition to celebrate Freedom Day

Festivals Malta is organizing an audiovisual competition as part of the celebrations for the 39th anniversary of Freedom Day.  Freedom Day is celebrated on 31 March to commemorate the day British forces left Malta in 1979.

The competition entitled ‘What does Freedom look and sound like for you?’ is open to the general public, barring professionals or regular practitioners in the audiovisual field. The competition will be between homemade videos filmed and edited exclusively with a mobile phone. 

The video has to portray a visual and aural interpretation of the meaning of ‘freedom’ (ħelsien) today, beyond the celebration of a historical anniversary. Members of the jury will choose the winner on these merits: concept, creativity, and the quality of filming and editing.

The best three videos will be awarded. The creator of the winning video will receive a prize of €500. The second prize is €300 and the third prize is €200.

The video has to be sent in by noon of 22 March 2018 via WeTransfer or by email on Late applications will not be accepted. For more information send an email on or call 23397000. Visit to check out the competition’s terms and conditions as well as to download the application form.


Download Application Form
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Good memories from Karnival ta' Malta 2018

Good memories from Karnival ta' Malta 2018

Defilé in collaboration with Cottonera local councils and local organisations, and with the participation of various dancing groups and small floats, among others.

The programme started in St George’s Square with the opening ceremony, followed by competitive dancing by Companies C and D and the Costume Parade.

The King Carnival Float and his retinue of floats, and dancing companies in costume ended the Carnival 2018 in St Anne’s Street, Floriana last Sunday.



Festivals Malta is launched – Strengthening the cultural experience to unprecedented levels

Arts Council Malta (ACM) has launched Festivals Malta — a Public Cultural Organisation (PCOs) which not only programmes cultural activities, but also endeavours to make festivals and the performing arts an integral part of Maltese life.

Along with its team of 20 talented and dedicated professionals and 8 artistic directors, Festivals Malta is responsible for more than 160 activities, which comprise of 8 festivals and 5 national events.


The festivals include: ‘il-Karnival ta’ Malta’, ‘the World Music Festival’, ‘Għanafest’, ‘the Malta International Arts Festival’, ‘the Malta Jazz Festival’, ‘Notte Bianca’, ‘the Three Palaces Festival’ and ‘Rock Events’. The five national events are: Freedom Day, celebrated on 31st March; Sette Giugno on 7th June; Victory Day on 8th September; Independence Day on 21st September; and Republic Day on 13th December. Festivals Malta is also responsible for the celebration of the feasts of San Girgor, Dun Karm as well as other cultural events including the Epiphany Concert and the Christmas Crib competition.

In addition to its already rich calendar of events, Festivals Malta is proud to be setting up the EU-funded Malta Carnival Experience project, which will offer a year-round carnival showcase of all elements related to this popular event, which is a long-lasting tradition. Carnival enthusiasts will benefit from a state-of-the-art space which will enable them to not only work in an exciting and vibrant environment, but will also act as a platform for them to showcase their work. In this way, visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the creative processes involved, learn about Carnival’s rich history and watch the parades.

“As the minister responsible for culture, I see this as a unique historical moment for a quality leap in artistic and cultural development, for the creation of new forms of artistic expression, and for the opening of new horizons for cultural insemination across national borders and beyond”, stated Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici.

Speaking about the function of Festivals Malta, Festivals Director Annabelle Stivala said that “the setting up of Festivals Malta will create a strong and focused brand identity for festivals and events, increasing not only participation and awareness locally, but also raising the cultural profile of Malta for it to become synonymous with a strong creative cultural offering on an international level.”

It is important to note that Festivals Malta is now a separate organisation from ACM. This separation has come about in order to keep the regulating body apart from the operating arm of the parent entity, thus avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring that the vision and mission of the National Cultural Policy and ACM’s mandate are fulfilled more efficiently, as declared in its Create 2020 manifesto.

“Working off the fact and universal acceptance that Malta and Gozo are passionately fun-loving and committed to inventing and reinventing opportunities for merry-making and engagement in communal celebration, we have finally taken the plunge to formalise a dedicated platform for the delivery of a higher quality, more eclectic, more inclusive and more diverse programme of festival and events material. We now have a tighter, more focused équipe to implement this programme, which will be solidly backed up by ACM resources and by business partners and stakeholders including the Malta Tourism Authority”, stated Executive Chair of Arts Council Malta Albert Marshall.”

Hon. Owen Bonnici at the Festivals Malta

Festivals Director Annabelle Stivala elaborated further and noted how “the separation of a distinct organisation will lead to greater focus on excellence in the execution of festivals, as well as create a unique brand identity around festivals and events organised by Festivals Malta.”

Festivals Malta goes beyond organising events with a vision to nurture creativity, professionalism, participation and cultural education in festivals. The organisation will also facilitate a connection with other international festivals, providing opportunities for local talent while also bringing new and innovative ideas to Malta. Being an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, bridging Europe and Africa, Malta is seen as an appropriate location for the collaboration between local and European artists. Festivals Malta will build upon this, together with the country’s authenticity and hospitality, to help create Malta’s brand as a place where people can travel to enjoy their favourite art form – a festival island.



Festivals Malta – Insaħħu l-esperjenza kulturali f’livelli bla preċedent

Il-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti nieda Festivals Malta. Festivals Malta hi Organizzazzjoni Kulturali Pubblika li xogħolha mhux biss li torganizza attivitajiet kulturali, imma anki li tagħmel il-festivals u l-arti performattiva bħala parti integrali mill-ħajja Maltija.

Flimkien mat-team ta’ 20 professjonist dedikat u ta’ talent kif ukoll tmien diretturi artistiċi, Festivals Malta għandha f’idha aktar minn 160 attività li jikkonstitwixxu fi tmien festivals u ħames avvenimenti nazzjonali.

It-tmien festivals huma: ‘l-Karnival ta’ Malta’, ‘il-Festival tal-Mużika Dinjija’, ‘Għanafest’, ‘il-Festival Internazzjonali għall-Arti’, ‘il-Festival tal-Jazz Malti’, ‘Notte Bianca’, ‘il-Festival tat-Tliet Palazzi’ u ‘Rock Events’. Il-ħames avvenimenti nazzjonali huma Jum il-Ħelsien iċċelebrat fil-31 ta’ Marzu, is-Sette Giugno fis-7 ta’ Ġunju, Jum il-Vitorja fit-8 ta’ Settembru, Jum l-Indipendenza fil-21 ta’ Settembru u Jum ir-Repubblika fit-13 ta’ Diċembru. Festivals Malta hi responsabbli wkoll miċ-ċelebrazzjoni tal-festi ta’ San Girgor, Dun Karm u avvenimenti kulturali oħra fosthom il-Kunċert tal-Epifanija u l-Kompetizzjoni tal-Presepji tal-Milied.

Hon. Owen Bonnici at Festivals Malta launch.jpg

Minbarra kalendarju rikk bl-attivitajiet, Festivals Malta hi kburija li qed taħdem fuq proġett megħjun minn fondi Ewropej: l-Esperjenza tal-Karnival Malti, li matul is-sena kollha se joffri vetrina tal-elementi kollha marbuta ma’ dan l-avveniment popolari li jgawdi minn tradizzjoni dewwiema.  Id-dilettanti tal-karnival se jkollhom post state-of-the-art, li se jagħtihom l-opportunità biex mhux biss jaħdmu f’ambjent eċitanti u vibranti imma li jesponi xogħolhom ukoll. B’dan il-mod il-viżitaturi jkollhom l-opportunità li japprezzaw il-proċessi kreattivi, jitgħallmu dwar l-istorja rikka tal-karnival kif ukoll jaraw parati sħaħ mill-bidu sal-aħħar. 

Waqt it-tniedija ta’ Festivals Malta, il-Ministru Bonnici stqarr li “Bħala l-ministru responsabbli għall-kultura, jien nara dan il-mument bħala wieħed uniku u storiku għal qabża ta’ kwalità f’l-iżvilupp artistiku u kulturali, għall-ħolqien ta’ forom ġodda ta’ espressjoni artistika, u għall-ftuħ ta’ orizzonti ġodda għall-inseminazzjoni kulturali minn fruntieri nazzjonali u lil hinn minnhom

Dwar il-funzjoni ta’ Festivals Malta, id-Direttur tal-Festivals Annabelle Stivala qalet li “Bit-twaqqif ta’ Festivals Malta se tinħoloq identità b’saħħitha għall-festivals u l-avvenimenti, li mhux biss se żżid il-parteċipazzjoni u l-għarfien lokalment imma se tfittex ukoll li tgħolli l-profil kulturali ta’ Malta fuq livell internazzjonali bħala pajjiż li għandu ħafna x’joffri kulturalment.”

Hon. Owen Bonnici at Festivals Malta launch.jpg

Ta’ min wieħed isemmi li Festivals Malta hi organizzazzjoni separata mill-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti. Din is-separazzjoni saret biex il-korp regolatorju jinżamm separat mill-fergħa operattiva tal-entità ewlenija. B’hekk jiġu evitati kunflitti ta’ interess kif ukoll ikun assigurat li l-viżjoni u l-missjoni tal-Politka Kulturali Nazzjonali u l-mandat tal-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti jitwettqu b’mod iktar effiċjenti, hekk kif kien iddikjarat fil-manifest Create 2020.

“Jekk nitilqu mill-fatt u l-aċċettazzjoni universali li Malta u Għawdex huma żewġ gżejjer li għandhom għal qalbhom il-gost, u huma impenjati li jivvintaw u jerġgħu jivvintaw opportunitajiet biex joħolqu l-briju u jingaġġaw f’ċelebrazzjonijiet komunali, fl-aħħar għamilna l-qabża biex nifformalizzaw pjattaforma apposta li xogħolha hu li tipprovdi programmi ta’ festivals u materjal għall-avvenimenti li huma iktar inklussivi, diversi, ekklettiċi u ta’ kwalità ogħla,” qal Albert Marshall, President Eżekuttiv tal-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti. “Issa għandna grupp ta’ nies li hu aktar iffukat biex jimplimenta dan il-programm, li se jkun sostnut b’mod sod mir-riżorsi tal-Kunsill kif ukoll minn imsieħba kummerċjali u partijiet interessati fosthom l-Awtorità tat-Turiżmu ta’ Malta,” sostna Marshall.

Stivala kompliet tispjega kif is-separazzjoni ta’ organizzazzjoni distinta se twassal biex ikun hemm enfasi akbar fuq l-kwalità tal-organizzazzjoni tal-festivals kif ukoll tinħoloq identità unika madwar il-festivals u l-avvenimenti mtellgħin minn Festivals Malta”.

Festivals Malta jmur lil hinn minn sempliċiment organizzar ta’ avvenimenti. Il-viżjoni tagħha hi li trawwem il-kreattività, il-professjonaliżmu, il-parteċipazzjoni u l-edukazzjoni kulturali fil-festivals. L-organizzazzjoni se tiffaċilita l-konnessjoni ma’ festivals internazzjonali oħra biex b’hekk tipprovdi opportunitajiet għal talent lokali waqt li ġġib ideat ġodda u innovattivi lejn Malta. Minħabba l-pożizzjoni tal-gżira f’nofs il-Baħar Mediterran li sservi ta’ pont bejn l-Ewropa u l-Afrika, Malta titqies bħala post ideali għal kollaborazzjoni bejn artisti Maltin u Ewropej. Festivals Malta se tibni fuq dan, flimkien mal-awtentiċità u l-ospitalità tal-pajjiż, biex toħloq il-marka ta’ Malta bħala ‘Il-Gżira tal-Festivals’, post fejn in-nies jistgħu jivvjaġġaw biex igawdu l-aktar forma ta’ arti favorita tagħhom.

Titnieda l-ħames edizzjoni tal-Karnival tas-Sajf

Titnieda l-ħames edizzjoni tal-Karnival tas-Sajf


Bejn il-25 u s-27 t’Awwisu se tittella’ l-ħames edizzjoni tal-Karnival tas-Sajf, fil-25 u s-26 t’Awwissu f’San Pawl il-Baħar u fis-27 t’Awwissu f’Marsaskala. Dan tħabbar mill-Ministru għall-Ġustizzja, Kultura u Gvern Lokali Owen Bonnici u s-Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Protezzjoni tal-Konsumatur u Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista waqt żjara li għamlu f’uħud mill-imħazen tal-parteċipanti tal-Karnival waqt l-aħħar preparamenti għal dan l-avveniment annwali.

Il-Ministru Bonnici tenna kif sena wara l-oħra l-popolaritá ta’ dan il-Karnival fis-Sajf qiegħda kull ma jmur tiżdied dejjem aktar. Tant huwa hekk li din is-sena se jkun hemm ukoll żieda fil-parteċipanti tal-kumpaniji taż-żfin. Dan ikompli jsaħħaħ r-riżultat miksub f’survey ikkumissjonat mill-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti li fih il-Karnival irrizulta bħala t-tieni l-aktar attività kulturali li fiha jippartecipaw in-nies.  Il-Ministru Bonnici fakkar il-ħidma li għaddeja fuq il-proġett tal-Karnival, li jkompli juri l-impenn tal-Gvern lejn il-Karnival u b’hekk issostni l-ħidma tal-Gvern sabiex tiżdied il-professjonalità fis-settur kulturali, waħda mill-prijoritajiet tal-Gvern f’dan il-qasam.

Min-naħa tiegħu, s-Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Protezzjoni tal-Konsumatur u Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista spjega is-sinjifikat tal-festa tal-Karnival fil-Kalendarju kulturali Malti. Għalkemm storikament assoċjat mal-Kapitali, il-Gvern huwa kommess li jifrex din l-attivitá ma’ lokalitajiet oħra, bħal ma jiġri fil-Karnival tas-Sajf. Debattista fakkar li hekk se jkun ukoll fis-sena fejn il-Belt Valletta tingħata t-titlu ta’ Belt Kapitali Ewropea għall-Kultura, fejn għalkemm għajnejn l-Ewropa se jkunu fuq il-Belt Valletta, il-programm ambizzjuż li qed jiġi imħejji se jwiegħed ukoll li s-siparju jinfetaħ fuq lokalitajiet oħra.

Il-Ministru Bonnici u s-Segrepartju Parlamentari Debattista rringrazzjaw lid-dillettanti kollha tal-Karnival li qed jghinu lill-kultura Maltija żżomm din it-tradizzjoni Maltija ħajja, mhux biss bis-sengha u l-arti tal-karrijiet u z-żfin imma anke b’attivitajiet tradizzjonali oħra, fosthom il-ġostra.

Il-Karnival tas-Sajf f’San Pawl il-Baħar se jiftaħ fis-6.30 ta’ filgħaxija b’ġostra tradizzjonali ħdejn il-Gillieru (Triq il-Knisja) nhar il-Ġimgħa 25 t’Awwissu, filwaqt li s-Sibt 26, ukoll fis-6.30 ta’ filgħaxija se tiġi organizzata ġostra oħra fl-inħawi tal-lukanda Santana. Fiż-żewġ dati, wara l-ġostra, se ssewgi parata sal-Pjazza ta’ Buġibba. Nhar il-Ħadd 27 t’Awwissu fis-7 ta’ filgħaxija se jibda l-Karnival f’Marsaskala b’parata minn quddiem il-Kunsill Lokali tul ix-xatt ta’ Triq is-Salini. Fil-Karnival tas-Sajf se jippartecipaw 11-il karru, 10 kumpaniji taż-żfin kif ukoll il-banda ta’ Marsaskala u studenti minn Skolasajf.

Il-Karnival tas-Sajf huwa mtella’ mill-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti bl-għajnuna tal-Fondazzjoni Valletta 2018, l-Awtorità Maltija għat-Turiżmu, u l-Kunsilli Lokali ta’ San Pawl il-Baħar u ta’ Marsaskala.



Fifth edition of the Summer Carnival launched

Fifth edition of the Summer Carnival launched


The fifth edition of the Summer Carnival will be held between the 25th and 27th of August, the first two days in St Paul’s Bay and the last day in Marsascala. This was launched by the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici and the Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista during a visit to some of the warehouses where participants are in the last preparations for the Summer Carnival.

Minister Bonnici stated how the Summer Carnival is increasing in its popularity with this year seeing an increase in the participating dancing companies. This sustains the result in the survey commissioned by Malta Arts Council in which Carnival placed as the second most popular cultural activity.  Minister Bonnici recalled the works on the Carnival project, showing the Government’s commitment towards the Carnival tradition while continuing with the plan to strengthen professionalism in the cultural sector, one of the main priorities in this sector.

Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista explained the significance of the feast in Malta’s cultural calendar. Although historically tied with our Capital, Government promises to infiltrate this into different towns and villages, as is the case with the Summer Carnival. Debattista said that the same will be done during the year when Valletta holds the title of European Capital of Culture. While all eyes will be on our Capital, the ambitious programme which is being prepared promises that other areas in our islands will also be given the spotlight.

Minister Bonnici and Parliamentary Secretary Debattista thanked all participants for their commitment to keep the Carnival tradition alive not only through their talents in building floats and dancing but also through traditional activities such as the ‘gostra’.

The Summer Carnival in St Paul’s Bay will open on Friday 25th August at 6.30pm next to “il-Gillieru” (Church Street) with the traditional gostra, while on Saturday26th August again at 6.30pm, another gostra will be organised in the vicinities of Santana Hotel. On both dates a parade will follow.  On Sunday 27th August at 7pm the Carnival in Marsascala will start off with a parade in front of the Local Council along the promenade. This year’s Summer Carnival will see the participation of 11 floats and 10 dance companies as well as the Marsascala Band and SkolaSajf students.

The Summer Carnival is organised by the Malta Arts Council in collaboration with Valletta 2018 Foundation, the Malta Tourism Authority, St Paul’s Bay Local Council and Marsascala’s Local Council.

The Malta International Arts Festival 2017 Aftermath Movie

The Malta International Arts Festival 2017 Aftermath Movie

Żewġ festivals sajfin li l-arti tagħhhom qiegħda tilħaq iktar nies

Żewġ festivals sajfin li l-arti tagħhhom qiegħda tilħaq iktar nies

Il-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti hu kburi bir-riżultat taż-żewġ festivals ewlenin tas-sajf li ttellgħu fl-aħħar jiem ta’ Ġunju sa t-22 ta’ Lulju. Minbarra ż-żieda fiċ-ċifri ta’ kemm dawn raw nies, il-Kunsill hu kuntent li l-Festival Internazzjonali tal-Arti u l-Festival tal-Jazz Malti qegħdin dejjem ikomplu jiżviluppaw kif ukoll qegħdin jilħqu firxa akbar ta’ nies.

Sandro Zerafa, id-Direttur Artistiku tal-Festival tal-Jazz li għadda, qal li probabbilment din kienet l-aħjar attendenza matul is-snin, li għalih hu sinjal tajjeb ħafna u li kull min ta sehmu fih hu kuntent dwarha. Fil-fatt wieħed mill-kunċerti ta’ filgħaxija, li kien bla ħlas, mela kompletament Pjazza Teatru Rjal. Waqt li l-kunċerti f’Ta’ Liesse kellhom żieda ta’ 22.5% fl-udjenzi.

“Imma nixtieq niġbed l-attenzjoni dwar dak li hu inqas ovvju fil-Jazz Festival Malti. Il-festival qed jinfiltra fix-xena kulturali Maltija. M’għadux konfinat f’Ta’ Liesse.  Qed jikkontribwixxi għal ħolqien ta’ dak li wieħed jista’ jsejħilha ‘x-xena tal-jazz’,” sostna Zerafa. Żied jgħid: “Qed jilħaq lin-nies bla ma jissagrifika l-kontenut. Il-festival qed iħalli legat. Il-jam sessions, il-kunċerti ta’ nofsinhar, il-masterclasses u l-gigs informali tal-fringe għandhom valur daqs l-attivitajiet ewlenin. Il-mużika hi dwar li toħloq konnessjoni man-nies u l-jazz jeħtieġ li jikseb dak l-element ‘popolari’ bla ma jaqa’ għall-popoliżmu.”

Min-naħa tagħha Dr Michelle Castelletti, li kienet id-Direttur Artistiku tal-Festival Internazzjonali tal-Arti li għadda, spjegat li hemm ħafna affarijiet li jogħġbuha dwar il-Festival Internazzjonali għall-Arti – l-iktar għax imiss ħajjet in-nies waqt li jarrikkixxi lil gżiritna bl-arti li tinħoloq jew tinġieb, jistimula l-udjenzi u jqanqal l-emozzjonijiet. Dan minbarra li joffri doża tajba ta’ gost u eċitament. U dan kollu hu ta’ sodisfazzjon kbir għaliha.

“Imma taf xi jqanqalni l-iktar minn ġewwa? Li nara tifel b’għajnejh miftuħin beraħ, issummat jisma’mużika klassika kontemporanja jew jara l-arti tissawwar quddiemu u jibqa’ b’ħalqu miftuħ bla ma jiċċaqlaq, jew jaqbad u jibda jiżfen quddiemi.

“Li nara l-frott tal-workshops u nkun naf li biddilna l-ħajja ta’ dik il-persuna għal dejjem – anki jekk din għadha ma tafx b’dan. U din is-sena rajt dan kollu jseħħ,” żiedet tgħid Dr Castelletti, li diġà qed taħseb għall-festival tas-sena d-dieħla u l-Kapitali Ewropea tal-Kultura tal-2018.

Il-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti bħalissa jinsab għaddej bil-ħidma tiegħu biex itella’ l-Karnival tas-sajf bejn il-25 u s-27 ta’ Awwissu li se jsir f’San Pawl il-Baħar u Marsaskala.

Two summer festivals reach wider audience

Two summer festivals reach wider audience

Arts Council Malta is proud to report the success of two of its primary summer festivals held between the end of June and 22 July. Apart from the increase in the number of attendees, the Council is pleased to note the Malta International Arts Festival and the Malta Jazz Festival continue to develop as well as to reach a wider audience.

Sandro Zerafa, Artistic Director of this summer’s Jazz Festival said that this edition probably saw its best turnout in years, for him a positive sign and, naturally, one which all those involved are extremely happy about. Indeed, one of the free evening concerts saw a completely packed Pjazza Teatru Rjal, while the Ta’ Liesse concerts saw an increase of 22.5% in attendance.

“However, I would like to shift the attention to the less ostentatious sides of the Malta Jazz Festival. The festival is permeating Malta’s cultural scene. It is no longer confined to Ta’ Liesse. It is contributing to the creation of what might be termed ‘a jazz scene’,” commented Zerafa. He went on to note how “it is reaching out to the people without sacrificing artistic content. The festival is creating a legacy. The jam sessions, the midday concerts, the masterclasses and the informal ‘fringe’ gigs - they are as valuable as the main events. Music is about connecting with people, and jazz needs to restore that ‘popular’ element without succumbing to populism”. 

Dr Michelle Castelletti, Artistic Director of this year’s Malta International Arts Festival, explained how there are so many things that she loves about the International Arts Festival – mostly because it touches people’s lives and enriches our marvellous island, creating wonders, stimulating audiences, and, perhaps, even triggers emotion. All this topped up a good dose of fun and excitement. It is, for her, undoubtedly the most satisfying feeling in the world.

“But, do you know what moves me most inside? It is when I see a child watching with his or her eyes wide-open, still and mesmerised listening to classical contemporary music or watching art unfold in front of him/her and remaining open-mouthed and motionless, or starting to dance in front of me. 

“It is when I see the workshops come to fruition that I know we have changed that person’s life forever – even if s/he does not know that yet. And I’ve seen that this year,” added Dr Castelletti, who already has her eyes keenly set on next year’s festival and Malta being European Capital of Culture 2018.  

Arts Council Malta is currently in the throes of organising the summer carnival on 25 and 26 August in Bugibba and on 27 August in Marsascala.

Annabelle Stivala Attard Festivals Director, Arts Council Malta on Malta Arti TV programme

Annabelle Stivala Attard Festivals Director, Arts Council Malta on Malta Arti TV programme

Take a look at what Annabelle Stivala Attard from Arts Council Malta had to tell us about the Malta International Arts Festival, which is currently taking place until July 15th, and the upcoming Malta Jazz Festival between July 20th and 22nd. The programmes are spectacular this year! Don't miss out on these two events!
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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Workshop tal-proġett Floating Art ta’ BandAdriatica

Workshop tal-proġett Floating Art ta’ BandAdriatica

Il-Presidenza Maltija tal-Kunsill tal-Unjoni Ewropea 2017 tħabbar li se jsir workshop minn BandAdriatica b’kollaborazzjoni mal-Malta World Music Festival.

Is-sessjonijiet huma miftuħa għal kantanti, awturi u mużiċisti Maltin li jeżegwixxu xogħol tal-ġeneru folkloristiku bil-Malti, gruppi folk u każini tal-banda. Il-proċess kreattiv u ta’ riċerka ta’ BandAdriatica huwa msejjes fuq l-element lokali ta’ kull post li jżuru. 

Post: Fortress Builders, Il-Belt Valletta

Dati: L-Erbgħa 17 u l-Ħamis 18 ta’ Mejju

Ħin: 18.30 -21.00

Il-parteċipanti se jikkollaboraw ma’ BandAdriatica u jippreżentaw ix-xogħol tagħhom is-Sibt 20 ta’ Mejju waqt il-prestazzjoni tal-istess band.

L-applikazzjonijiet jiftħu t-Tlieta 11 ta’ April f’nofsinhar u jagħlqu l-Ġimgħa 28 ta’ April f’nofsinhar. Il-postijiet huma limitati u jingħataw skont l-evalwazzjoni u l-għażla li jsiru mid-direttur artistiku, Renzo Spiteri. 

Dawk li huma interessati għandhom jibagħtu CV ta’ paġna u ħoloq onlajn tax-xogħlijiet tagħhom fuq jew jgħaddu l-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti, 16 Casa Scaglia, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Il-Belt Valletta u jħallu CV flimkien ma’ kampjuni tax-xogħol tagħhom f’envelopp issiġillat u mmarkat ‘MWMF + BandAdriatica’s Floating Art Workshop’. Il-parteċipanti jsiru jafu jekk ġewx magħżula għall-workshop ladarba jintemm il-proċess ta’ evalwazzjoni.

BandAdriatica’s Floating Art project – Workshop

BandAdriatica’s Floating Art project – Workshop

The 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union is announcing a workshop with BandAdriatica in collaboration with the Malta World Music Festival.

Sessions are open to Maltese singers/songwriters and musicians who perform within the genre of folk and in the Maltese language, folk bands and band clubs.  BandAdriatica’s research and creative process is based on a local element wherever they work.

Venue: Fortress Builders, Valletta

Dates: Wednesday, 17th and Thursday 18th May

Time: 18.30 -21.00

The participants will collaborate with BandAdriatica and will present their material on Saturday 20th May during BandAdriatica’s performance.

Applications open on Tuesday 11th April at 12.00hrs and close on Friday 28th April at 12.00hrs. Places are limited and are subject to evaluation and selection by the artistic director, Renzo Spiteri.


Interested applicants have to send a one-page CV and online links of their works on or deliver their CV and samples of their work by hand in a sealed envelope marked ‘MWMF + BandAdriatica’s Floating Art Workshop’ to Arts Council Malta at 16 Casa Scaglia, Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street, Valletta.

Participants will be informed if they are accepted for the workshop once the evaluation process has been concluded.

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The Malta Jazz Festival 2017:  Making jazz even more accessible

The Malta Jazz Festival 2017: Making jazz even more accessible

Making jazz even more accessible

The programme of the 27th edition of the Malta Jazz Festival was launched today during a press conference at City Gate Entrance in Valletta. It was addressed by the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Dr Owen Bonnici, Festivals Director Ms Annabelle Stivala Attard, Jazz Festival Artistic Director Mr Sandro Zerafa and the Chair of the Valletta 2018 Foundation Mr Jason Micallef.

Minister Bonnici said that the Malta Jazz Festival has not only become a traditional appointment in the Maltese cultural calendar but also one of the most eagerly awaited events in the local music scene, an event that every year is attracting more and more people. Over these last years, the Government has created spaces and platforms for the local arts, culture and talent with investment and innovations that have made the sector a central one within Maltese society and the country’s activities, including within the country’s economy and tourism industries.

“The allocation for culture has grown 14% in the last budget for a total of €60 million across all Government,” Minister Bonnici said. He said Government continues to invest in the sector on the basis of its belief that this sector is an important one for society’s growth and for our society to be a modern and progressive one. “We did this also because we want culture, art, music, theatre, cinema and all that is art and culture to be accessible to everybody everywhere,” the Minister said.

The Festivals Director said, “The Malta Jazz Festival is the only event of its calibre that promotes and celebrates jazz locally. The three-day event features international performers and virtuosos in a unique setting. On-stage collaborations, instrumental masterclasses and workshops are some of the attractions to expect. For three days, visitors will be treated to the sounds of exceptional world-renowned musicians, with free events for all in the city centre on the first day.”

This year’s festival is striving to make jazz as accessible as possible. During the conference, Artistic Director Sandro Zerafa said, “The Malta Jazz Festival is reaching out. It is spreading its wings beyond Ta’ Liesse. Besides boasting a star-studded lineup featuring the best in contemporary jazz, the Malta Jazz Festival is branching o ut to Valletta’s streets and injecting creative energy in Malta’s growing jazz scene, in preparation for Valletta 2018. The impressive list includes ranging from Nicholas Payton’s blend of dialects of Afro-descent to Munir Hossn’s homage to the Brazilian north-eastern heritage and Al di Meola’s latin-infused fusion.

“The festival strives in its mission to promote this great art form in all its diversity and to stimulate the local scene through various outreach initiatives – street jam sessions, collaborations with international musicians, masterclasses and free concerts.”

The festival, like previous years, will include some of the most renowned jazz artists such as Al di Meola, Antonio Sanchez and Mark Guiliana. Di Meola, who last performed in Malta in 2012 and will close off this year’s festival, was discovered by renowned jazz artist Chick Corea when he was 19 years old. This year at Ta’ Liesse, apart from his music, he will also perform music from The Beatles and Piazzolla.

Apart from being the drummer in Pat Metheny’s group, Sanchez is also well-known for the score he composed and performed for the film ‘Birdman’, for which he won a Grammy and was nominated for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

Giuliana, the drummer in David Bowie’s last album ‘Blackstar’, will play at Ta’ Liesse on Friday with his jazz quartet. The New York Times recognised Guiliana as “a drummer around whom a cult of admiration has formed”.

Friday night will be closed off by Nicholas Payton, whose original blend of hip-hop, spoken word, New Orleans styles and contemporary jazz will be one of the highlights of this year’s festival. The Chicago Tribune reported that “no descriptive label or category could be affixed to Payton’s solos, which were as brashly original as they were technically imposing.”

The lineup for Thursday’s free concerts, supported by Valletta 2018, consists of one of Europe’s star jazz guitarists, Romain Pilon and multi-instrumentalist Munir Hossn. Pilon will perform with special guest Walter Smith III, one of the current leading saxophone players.

Hossn will appeal to lovers of Brazilian music thanks to his Brazilian Jazz Pop album ‘Made in Nordeste’, a contemporary approach to the music and rhythms from his native Brazilian Northeast region. His concert will close Thursday’s free events in Valletta with a bang.

The Artistic Director mentioned how the festival supports the local sce ne and encourages collaborations between Maltese and international artists. In fact, all three local acts feature international musicians. The Maltese lineups include vocalist Nadine Axisa, who will perform with Rino Cirinnà and Stjepko Gut; Carlo Muscat, who will appear alongside Burak Bedikyan and Joe Debono, who will be collaborating with Yoni Zelnik and Fred Pasqua.

The Valletta 2018 chairman added: “Valletta 2018 Foundation is again supporting the Malta Jazz Festival – one of a series of festivals organised by Arts Council Malta – which celebrates local and international musical talent in jazz. The festival focuses on the development of talent among other things, with a series of activities in the centre of Valletta, all contributing to the Valletta 2018 legacy.”

Further details about the Jazz on the Fringe and the masterclasses will be announced later on. Tickets can be bought from Visit for more information.

 The Malta Jazz Festival is organised by Festival Malta within Arts Council Malta in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government and Valletta 2018; and supported by Cyberpass, MSV Life, Phoenicia and MTA.


Thursday 20th July (free event supported by Valletta2018)

City Gate Entrance, Valletta at 8pm

Romain Pilon feat. Walter Smith III

Pjazzu Teatru Rjal, Valletta

Nadine Axisa feat. Rino Cirinnà and Stjepko Gut

In front of Law Courts, Valletta

Munir Hossn ‘Made in Nordeste’


Friday 21st July

Ta’ Liesse, Valletta at 8pm

Joe Debono Trio

Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet

Nicholas Payton ‘Afro Caribbean Mixtape’


Saturday 22nd July

Ta’ Liesse, Valletta at 8pm

Carlo Muscat feat. Burak Bedikyan

Antonio Sanchez and ‘Migration’

Al di Meola ‘World Sinfonia’ – “Music of Di Meola, Piazzolla & Lennon-McCartney"


Ticket Prices

€30 for a single day ticket – seated (VIP)

€50 for a 2-day block ticket – seated (VIP)

€20 for single day ticket – standing (free seating will be available)

€35 for a 2-day block ticket – standing (free seating will be available)

Early bird tickets available from 31 March

€25 instead of €30 for a single day ticket – seated (VIP)

€40 instead of €50 for a 2-day block ticket – seated (VIP)

€30 instead of €35 for a 2-day block ticket – standing (free seating will be available)

Il-Malta Jazz Festival 2017:  Biex il-jazz isir aktar aċċessibbli

Il-Malta Jazz Festival 2017: Biex il-jazz isir aktar aċċessibbli

Biex il-jazz isir aktar aċċessibbli

Il-programm tas-27 edizzjoni tal-Malta Jazz Festival tħabbar illum waqt konferenza stampa fid-daħla tal-Belt Valletta. Din kienet indirizzata minn Dr Owen Bonnici, il-Ministru għall-Kultura u l-Gvern Lokali, id-Direttur tal-Festivals is-Sa Annabelle Stivala Attard, id-Direttur Artistiku tal-Festival is-Sur Sandro Zerafa u s-Sur Jason Micallef, iċ-chairman tal-Fundazzjoni Valletta 2018.

Il-Ministru Bonnici qal li l-Jazz Festival ta’ Malta sar mhux biss wieħed mill-appuntamenti tradizzjonali tal-kalendarju kulturali Malti imma wkoll wieħed mill-aktar avvenimenti mistennijin fix-xena mużikli lokali, avveniment li kull sena jattira dejjem aktar nies. Fl-aħħar snin, il-Gvern ta’ spazju u xpruna pjattaformi għall-arti, il-kultura u talent lokali b’investiment u innovazzjoni li poġġew lil dan is-settur fil-qalba tras-soċjetà Maltija u tal-attivitajiet tal-pajjiż inkluż l-ekonomija u t-turiżmu.

“L-allokazzjoni għal kultura kibret b’14% fl-aħħar budget għal total ta’ 60 miljun Ewro fost il-Gvern kollu,” qal il-Ministru Bonnici li saħaq li l-Gvern kompla jinvesti fis-settur għax jemmen li dan hu importanti għall-iżvilupp tas-soċjetà u biex is-soċjetà tagħna tkun waħda moderna u progressiva. “Dan għamilnih ukoll għax irridu li l-kultura, l-arti, il-mużika, it-teatru, iċ-ċinema u dak kollu li huwa arti u kultura fil-fatt ikunu aċċessibbli għal kulħadd, kullimkien,” kompla l-Ministru.

Id-Direttur tal-Festival qalet: “Il-Malta Jazz Festival hu l-uniku avveniment tal-kalibru tiegħu li jippromwovi u jiċċelebra l-jazz lokalment. L-avveniment fuq tlitt ijiem jinkludi fih artisti internazzjonali bi sfond uniku. Fost l-attrazzjonijiet li wieħed għandu jistenna hemm il-kollaborazzjonijiet fuq il-palk, masterclasses tal-istrumenti u workshops. Għal tlitt ijiem sħaħ, l-udjenzi se jkollhom il-pjaċir jisimgħu wħud mill-aqwa mużiċisti fid-dinja bi spettakli b’xejn fiċ-ċentru tal-Belt fl-ewwel jum tal-festival.”

Din is-sena l-festival qed jaħdem biex jagħmel il-jazz aċċessibbli għan-nies kemm jista’ jkun. Waqt il-konferenza, id-direttur artistiku Sandro Zerafa qal, “Il-Festival Malti tal-Jazz qiegħed dejjem jilħaq iktar nies għax qed joħroġ ’il barra minn Ta’ Liesse. Din is-sena jista’ jiftaħar b’mużiċisti li huma fost l-aqwa fil-jazz kontemporanju. Hemm Nicholas Payton b’taħlita ta’ djaletti differenti li għandhom dixxendenza Afrikana, Munir Hossn li se jagħti omaġġ lill-wirt mużikali Brażiljan kif ukoll Al di Meola li se joffri mużika mħallta ma’ dik latina. Iżda minbarra dan kollu, il-Festival se jinfirex fit-toroq tal-Belt u joħloq enerġija kreattiva fix-xena tal-jazz Maltija, li qiegħda dejjem tkompli tikber, bi preparazzjoni għal Valletta 2018.

“Il-festival jistinka fil-missjoni tiegħu biex jippromwovi din il-forma tal-arti kbira fid-diversità kollha tagħha u biex jistimula x-xena lokali permezz ta’ inizjattivi varji biex jilħqu nies differenti – il-jam sessions fit-toroq, kollaborazzjonijiet ma’ mużiċisti internazzjonali, masterclasses u kunċerti bla ħlas.”

Il-festival, bħas-snin li għaddew, se jinkludi wħud mill-aktar artisti tal-jazz magħrufin bħal Al di Meola, Antonio Sanchez u Mark Guiliana. Di Meola kien skoprieh l-artist magħruf tal-jazz, Chick Corea, meta kellu biss 19-il sena. Di Meola diġà daqq f’Malta fl-2012 u din is-sena se jagħlaq il-festival permezz tal-mużika tiegħu kif ukoll ta’ The Beatles u Piazzolla.

Minbarra li hu d-drummer fil-grupp ta’ Pat Metheny, Sanchez hu magħruf ukoll għall-mużika li kkompona u daqq għall-film ‘Birdman’, li għalih rebaħ Grammy u kellu nominazzjoni għal BAFTA u Golden Globe.

Guiliana, li kien id-drummer tal-aħħar album ta’ David Bowie ‘Blackstar’, se jdoqq Ta’ Liesse l-Ġimgħa mal-kwartett tal-jazz tiegħu. In-New York Times irrikonoxxietu bħala “drummer li madwaru nbena kult ta’ ammirazzjoni”.

Il-Ġimgħa filgħaxija jingħalaq minn Nicholas Payton, li t-taħlita oriġinali ta’ stili minn New Orleans, jazz kontemporanju, hip-hop u lirika mitkellma se tkun fost waħda mill-aqwa spettakli għall-festival ta’ dis-sena. Iċ-Chicago Tribune rrappurtat “is-solos ta’ Payton ma jistgħu jitwaħħlulhom l-ebda tikketta jew jitpoġġew f’kategorija, minħabba li huma oriġinali daqskemm huma teknikament b’saħħithom”.

L-artisti għall-kunċerti b’xejn tal-Ħamis, li huma megħjuna minn Valletta 2018, jikkonsistu f’wieħed mill-aqwa kitarristi Ewropej tal-jazz, Romain Pilon u Munir Hossn, li jdoqq bosta strumenti. Pilon se jdoqq mal-mistieden speċjali Walter Smith III, li hu wieħed mill-aqwa sassofonisti li hawn bħalissa.

Hossn se jpaxxi lil dawk li jħobbu l-mużika Brażiljana permezz tal-album tiegħu li hu fuq stil Jazz Pop Brażiljan. L-album ‘Made in Nordeste’ jagħti laqta kontemporanja lill-mużika u r-ritmi tar-reġjun Grigaljan tal-Brażil, minn fejn ġej l-artist. Il-kunċert tiegħu jagħlaq bil-briju l-avvenimenti b’xejn tal-Ħamis.

Id-Direttur Artistiku semma kif il-festival jappoġġja x-xena lokali u jħeġġeġ kollaborazzjonijiet bejn mużiċisti Maltin ma’ dawk barranin. It-tliet spettakli Maltin kollha se jkollhom kollaborazzjoni ma’ artisti internazzjonali. L-artisti Maltin huma Nadine Axisa, li se tkanta ma’ Rino Cirinnà u Stjepko Gut; is-sassofonist Carlo Muscat, li se jdoqq ma’ Burak Bedikyan u l-pjanist Joe Debono, li se jikkollabora ma’ Yoni Zelnik u Fred Pasqua.

Iċ-Chairman ta’ Valletta 2018 żied jgħid: “Għal darb’oħra, il-Fondazzjoni Valletta 2018 qed tappoġġja l-Malta Jazz Festival – wieħed minn serje ta’ festivals imtella’ mill-Kunsill tal-Arti – li jiċċelebra t-talent mużikali lokali u internazzjonali fil-qasam tal-jazz. Il-festival jiffoka fost l-oħrajn fuq l-iżvilupp tat-talent b’serje ta’ attivatijiet anke fil-qalba tal-Belt u li jsarrfu fil-legat ta’ Valletta 2018”.

Aktar dettalji dwar il-Jazz on the Fringe u l-masterclasses jingħataw ’il quddiem. Il-biljetti jinxtraw minn Żur għal aktar tagħrif.

Il-Malta Jazz Festival hu mtella’ minn Festival Malta fi ħdan il-Kunsill Malti għall-Arti b’kollaborazzjoni mal-Ministeru tal-Ġustizzja, Kultura u Gvern Lokali u Valletta 2018; u hu megħjun minn Cyberpass, MSV Life, Phoenicia u MTA.




Il-Ħamis 20 ta’ Lulju (Spettaklu bla ħlas bl-għajnuna ta’ Valletta2018) 

Fid-daħla tal-Belt Valletta fit-8pm

Romain Pilon feat. Walter Smith III

Pjazzu Teatru Rjal, il-Belt Valletta

Nadine Axisa feat. Rino Cirinnà u Stjepko Gut

Quddiem il-Qorti, il-Belt Valletta

Munir Hossn ‘Made in Nordeste’


Il-Ġimgħa 21 ta’ Lulju

Ta’ Liesse, il-Belt Valletta fit-8pm

Joe Debono Trio

Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet

Nicholas Payton ‘Afro Caribbean Mixtape’


Is-Sibt 22 ta’ Lulju

Ta’ Liesse, il-Belt Valletta fit-8pm

Carlo Muscat feat. Burak Bedikyan

Antonio Sanchez and ‘Migration’

Al di Meola ‘World Sinfonia’ – “Music of Di Meola, Piazzolla & Lennon-McCartney”


Prezzijiet tal-biljetti

€30 għal biljett ta’ jum – bilqiegħda (VIP)

€50 għal biljett ta’ jumejn – bilqiegħda (VIP)

€20 għal biljett ta’ jum – bilwieqfa (ikun hemm siġġijiet b’xejn disponibbli)

€35 għal biljett ta’ jumejn – bilwieqfa (ikun hemm siġġijiet b’xejn disponibbli)

Biljetti skontati li jinsabu għall-bejgħ mill-31 ta’ Marzu 2017

€25 flok €30 għal biljett ta’ jum – bilqiegħda (VIP)

€40 flok €50 għal biljett ta’ jumejn – bilqiegħda (VIP)

€30 flok €35 għal biljett ta’ jumejn – bilwieqfa (ikun hemm siġġijiet b’xejn disponibbli)