Our goal? You’ll find everything you need to know about great events in Malta you won’t want to miss ... and you have plenty to choose from!

Malta’s national festivals and events are highlights in the country’s cultural calendar and are anticipated and enjoyed each year by thousands, both audience and participants. With their wide-ranging art forms, they serve to delight almost all cultural tastes.

Festivals Malta (the organizer of these events) has a vision, mission and strategy for all of Malta’s festivals falling under its auspices. In line with goals set by Arts Council Malta, it shall endeavor to shape Malta’s cultural development through all the performing arts, and to develop and financially sustainable ecosystem, that entertains, enriches and inspires performers and audiences alike. Furthermore, these events promote education and the nurturing of talent and giving opportunities while providing platforms for artists, local and international.

Together with the support of the Arts Council, Festivals Malta aims to give value to the diverse range of creative expression and invest in relevant, innovative and enjoyable creative experiences as well as embracing excellence as a principle that drives our work. We, as Festivals Malta, support the development of knowledge, skills and competences that enable you to engage in a creative life for your enhanced well-being as well as strongly believing that talent should be transformed into a profession to its full potential.

Let’s go through the events we have prepared for you this year!

Malta World Music Festival – 18th and 19th May 2018. This event celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity, the exchange and dialogue of people’s roots and the vitality that is borne out of such experiences and expressed through the powerful medium of music. Visit for more information.

Għanafest - 22nd & 23rd June 2018. Għanafest celebrates the diversity of Mediterranean and world music, bringing together a rich programme of Għana (maltese folk music), Maltese bands and foreign folk acts. Għanafest is a multinational get-together, an event that celebrates multi-ethnicity and cross-border collaborations. Visit www.għ for more information. Watch newly refurbished Argotti Gardens (Festival's venue).

Malta International Arts Festival – 29th June until 15th July 2018 (various locations). Featuring a varied programme of theatre, music, dance and visual arts and offering a broad range of genres and artistic forms, events are held mainly in open-air venues in Malta’s warm summer nights. The Festival also includes a number of residencies and workshops with some of its international guests. This event seeks excellence in artistic integrity while reaching out to the community by aspiring in placing Malta on the world’s cultural map. This festival creates an environment whereby the want to aspire and thrive are constant factors from which expressivity and innovation are a celebration of art. We are also inviting you artists to participate! Visit for more information and open calls deadlines and requirements.

Malta Jazz Festival: 16th July until 21st July 2018. Valletta’s magnificent Grand Harbour sets the backdrop to the Malta Jazz Festival. This event has become a byword for high-calibre performances which delight jazz aficionados and lay persons alike. Visit for more information.

Summer Carnival: 17th until 19th August 2018. In Malta, the roots of Carnival can be traced back to the early 1400s, although it was the Knights of the Order of St.John that endowed the national festivities with spectacle and pageantry. Visit for more information.

Notte Bianca: 6th October 2018. Notte Bianca, Malta’s beloved nightlong arts and culture event sees the capital’s street and cultural venues come alive thanks to a carefully designed programme of events offering a variety of entertainments and experiences. Visit for more information.

Three palaces festival: 2nd until 11th November 2018. Music of quality and distinction. The 3 palaces has been building a tremendous following allowing the world’s greatest artists and younger generation musicians to come and celebrate together with all on Malta during the festival month of November. Visit for more information.

The festivals and events take great pride in reaching out to the community and has programmed plenty of street theatre, dance, music, visual art, cinematography, puppetry and much more to name a few, by local and international artists in the streets of Valletta being the European Capital of Culture and other locations. Different performances target different audiences, and thus the whole community is enabled in experiencing different forms of art, all the while developing a taste for culture and arts.

This is just a snippet of the rich and diverse range of this year’s events. Stay tuned!