Top 4 shows for the following days.  Can't miss!

Top 4 shows for the following days. Can't miss!


Daqsxejn ta’ Requiem lil Leli (A Modest Requiem to Leli) is written by Immanuel Mifsud, with musical adaption by Kris Spiteri. The work was written when the author was invited to present his work on the theme of death for All Souls Day in 2016. The work was read for the first time by actor Paul Portelli in November 2016 during an activity at the Inquisitor’s Palace in Birgu. Later, Immanuel Mifsud invited composer Kris Spiteri to introduce music to the work and this is what you are going to see and hear. Eventually the Mifsud-Spiteri tandem invited Teatru Anon and Vince Briffa to turn it into a theatrical and visual work.


DAQSXEJN TA’ REQUIEM LIL LELI huwa xogħol miktub minn Immanuel Mifsud b’addattament mużikali ta’ Kris Spiteri. Ix-xogħol inkiteb fuq stedina li saret lill-awtur biex għall-għid tal-imwiet 2016 jippreżenta xogħol fuq it-tema tal-mewt. Dan ix-xogħol inqara għall-ewwel darba mill-attur Paul Portelli f’Novembru 2016 waqt attività għall-għid tal-imwiet li kienet saret fil-Palazz tal-Inkwiżitur, il-Birgu. Aktar tard, Immanuel Mifsud stieden lill-kompożitur Kris Spiteri biex jittraduċi x-xogħol f’mużika u dan huwa dak li se taraw u tisimgħu. Eventwalment it-tandem Mifsud-Spiteri stieden lil Teatru Anon u lil Vince Briffa biex ix-xogħol isir ukoll teatrali u viżiv.


Film screening with live orchestra

Beneath the sewers of the Paris Opera House dwells a masked figure. He is the Phantom, a hideously disfigured composer whose dream it to turn chorus singer Christine into a diva. Lon Chaney, the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, dominates this classic adaptation of the 1910 novel by Gaston Leroux. His ghastly make-up and outrageous performance made this one of the great classics of American silent film. The film will be screened, silently, to the live music of Minima, a Bristol-based four-piece group, with instrumentation including cello, double bass, baritone guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, autoharp, dulcimer, synthesizer, glockenspiel and drum kit. Formed in 2006, Minima perform in cinemas and art centres, as well as music and film festivals, playing original live soundtracks to silent films.

Musicians: Minima band



The Italian Baroque is a renowned period that offers extraordinary images which NoGravity Dance Company, directed by Emiliano Pellisari, embrace and enhance. Aria is a crossover show in which different genres are combined; one where dance, music and song live together.

There is no orchestra pit, and the dancers play a central role in the performance. The musicians also perform in the show, together with the dancers and the singers. Together they produce a powerful image, bringing together elegant costumes, choreographic fantasy, poetic music and beautiful singing.


Dancers defy gravity and extraordinary images appear from the darkness in a non-stop parade of effects. Enter a world where the real and the virtual are mixed in a kaleidoscope of amazing pictures taken from Dante’s most famous Canto, with a Hell as paradoxical as Escher, as absurd as Magritte, and as cruel as Caravaggio. This is show where the design of light, music and special effects are combined with dance, athletic circus and pantomime. Ethnic and world music create an otherworldly atmosphere where the energy and the space are interspersed with calm and poetic moments of meditation. Hell is a theatrical space in which the physics of reality is cancelled and everything appears as in a daydream.

Sandro Cappelletto

Malta Jazz Festival 2018

Malta Jazz Festival 2018

A world class event bringing you the most prestigious names in jazz today

Set in Valletta, the 2018 European Capital of Culture.

Christian McBride, Bokanté and Chick Corea  amongst many others.

Free concerts, masterclasses and exhibitions and celebrating  music at its best

The Malta Jazz Festival

16 to 21 July

Keeping Jazz alive!


Brought to you by Festivals Malta.

Programm Għanafest 2018 - Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana

Programm Għanafest 2018 - Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana

Il-Ġimgħa 22 ta’ Ġunju – Argotti, Furjana


19:00   Daqq tal-prejjem
Kitarristi: Calċidon Vella (ta’ mustaċċa), Denise Vella (ta’ Calċ), Willie Saliba (tal-Blacksorrows)

19:15   Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta
Michael Brignioni (il-ġurdien), Carmel Borg (Ġannarija), Alfred Desira (L-Indjan) u Twanny Coleiro (kulajru)

19:45   Għana tal-Botta u Risposta
Mikiel Cumbo (L-Iżgej), Rita Pace, Vince Carabott (il-Bukku)

Kitarristi: Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birżebbuġia), Frans Casha (ta’ saqajn), Charles Borg

20:20   Cheryl Balzan

21:05   Daqq tal-Prejjem
Rueben Schembri (il-fusinu), Francesco Cutajar (tad-danny), Frans Casha (ta’ saqajn)

21:15   Għana tal-Botta u Risposta
Kalċidon Vella (id-danny), Mario Xeureb, Żaren Ellul (tal-Fellusu), Joseph Ellul (Żebbuġi)

21:45   Għana tal-Botta u Risposta
Etienne Pawney (in-Naxxari), Wolley Ghiller (tal-Isla), Jimmy Pawney (il-Bormliż), Jo-Mike Agius (tas-seba’ irġiel)

Kitarristi: Mario Azzopardi (is-Sufu), Ernest Caruana (il-King), Willie Saliba (tal-Blacksorrows)

Makkjetti – Etienne Pawney (in-Naxxari) u Jo-Mike Agius (tas-seba’ irġiel)

22:30   Keltus

23:30   Għeluq

 Fuq il-palk iż-żgħir

20:20 Għana fuq il-kelma minn Joe Grech (ta’ Raħal Ġdid)
Kitarristi: Johnny Saliba, Frans Casha (ta’ saqajn), Charles Borg

21:00 Rakkonti bid-djalett miż-Żejtun Literature Group


Is-Sibt 23 ta’ Ġunju – Argotti, Furjana


19:00   Daqq tal-Prejjem
Ianut Jason Mifsud (ta’ Frans), Alfred Grech (l-Irish), Reuben Schembri (il-fusinu)

19:10   Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta
Frans Mifsud (ta’ Vestru), Vince Carabott (il-Bukku), Grezzju Dalli (Garawwa), Anthony Zerafa (Il-Kampanjol)

19:50   Għana tal-fatt minn Ġużeppi Spagnol (il-kelba)
Kitarristi: Frederick Mallia (ir-Re), John Grima (tal-Belt) u Ġustu Żammit (il-buff)

20:20   Għana fil-għoli (La Bormliża) - Mikiel Cumbo (l-iżgej)

20:30   SKALD

21:15   Makkjetta – Anġlu Theuma (il-Kina)
Kitarristi: Calċidon Vella (ta’ mustaċċa), Denise Vella, Joe Bonello (Skuti)

21:35   Daqq tal-prejjem
Frederick Mallia (ir-Re), Chris Bencini, Raymond Schembri (Ċiranu)

21:55   Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta
Joe Grech (ta’ Raħal Ġdid), Jason Seguna (in-Nekus), Frans Cachia (il-Budaj), Anthony Attard

22:30   Seiva

23:30   Għeluq

Fuq il-palk iż-żgħir

20:00 Għana fuq il-kelma minn Joe Grech (ta’ Raħal Ġdid)
Kitarristi: Ianut Jason Mifsud (ta’ Frans), Alfred Grech (l-Irish), Reuben Schembri (il-fusinu)

21:00 Rakkonti bid-djalett miż-Żejtun Literature Group

PROGRAMM TA’ GĦANA - Birżebbuġia

PROGRAMM TA’ GĦANA - Birżebbuġia

Il-Ġimgħa 29 ta’ Ġunju 2018

19.00hrs              Daqq tal-Prejjem
Ronnie Calleja (tal-Mosta), Frans Casha (ta’ saqajn), Alfred Grech (l-Irish)

19.15hrs              Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta
Joe Grech (ta’ Raħal Ġdid), Anthony Carl Cutajar (il-Pikkolin), Jean Claude Zahra (ta’ gawdura), Frans Zahra

19.45hrs              Makkjetta - Emmanuel Abela (il-fenka)

20.00hrs              Daqq Malti
Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birzebbuġia), il-grupp tat-tfal

20.15hrs              Poeżija u għana mill-aħwa Żebbuġin
Ġużeppi Ellul (iż-Żebbuġi), Żaren Ellul (ta’ fellusu), u Maria Agius
                            Kitarristi: Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birżebbuġia), Frans Casha (ta’ saqajn), Sunny

20.45hrs              Corazon

21.15hrs              Daqq tal-Prejjem
Ianut Jason Mifsud (ta’ Frans), Alfred Grech (l-Irish), Rueben Schembri (il-fusinu)

21.30hrs              Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta
Fredu Abela (iż-Żejtuni), Frans Mifsud (ta’ Vestru), Vince Carabott (il-Bukku), Silvan Abela

22.00hrs              Rakkonti oriġinali bid-djaletti
Martina u Joey Demicoli

22.15hrs              Daqq tal-Prejjem
Calċidon Vella (ta’ mustaċċa), Denise Vella (ta’ Calċ)

22.30hrs              Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta
Jason Seguna (in-Nekus), Frans Cachia (il-Budaj), Anthony Coleiro (kulajru), Alfred Desira (L-Indjan)

RockNMalta Fund

RockNMalta Fund


Festivals Malta accepts applications for funds to support rock concerts, events and festivals organised in Malta under the auspices of its brand. Applications close on 15th July 2018 at Noon.


Compliant applications will first be screened in terms of the project’s eligibility by the appointed evaluators. Proposals which are not considered eligible in terms of the set criteria shall not be processed further and shall no undergo evaluation.

•        To be eligible applicants must fall in one of the following categories:

                 i.          Concert or Festival Promoter

                ii.          Band(s) or Singer(s)

              iii.          NGO or Voluntary Organisation



The proposal gives you the opportunity to demonstrate in more detail how the project satisfies Festivals Malta assessment criteria. A decision on funding will be made on the strength of the information submitted.

In the project proposal the applicant must include the following:

1.    Detailed Event description – This should not exceed 500 words.

2.    Venue chosen – This has to be approved by Festivals Malta. Festivals Malta can impose a change in venue according to its policy.

3.    Detailed organisation and role chart - This should include the names of the people occupying these roles.

4.    Detailed plan – This should include timelines of the work flow for the execution of the project. Amongst others, the plan would indicate which functions are performed by the outfit and which will be farmed out to third parties.

5.    Detailed business plan focusing on the following:

                 i.          Expected audience

                ii.          Ticket prices, including packages

              iii.          Comprehensive and broken down list of revenue streams, including, amongst others, sponsorships

              iv.          Full list of itemised list of expenses and costs, including the artist(s) performance fees

               v.          Projected profit and loss report

              vi.          Insurance policy

6.    Detailed marketing plan -  The plan must include details on how Festivals Malta brand feature in all the marketing collateral. Festivals Malta shall have full discretion in this respect.



1.    The funds applied for from Festivals Malta shall never exceed 45% of the total cost of the activity. The amount of the support shall be at Festivals Malta's discretion.

2.    The grant will be paid in two tranches IE 60% upon signing of contract and 40% up to 30 days after date of the event.

3.    The applicant shall conduct all financial transactions transparently and in full conformity with applicable laws. Festivals Malta shall have the right to audit the accounts of the event at any point before and after its execution.

4.    The applicant shall submit the proposal at least 3 months before the event. Festivals Malta shall have the discretion to alter this timeframe.

5.    In terms of branding, Festival Malta must feature as the main supporter of the event. All other supporters/sponsors shall be billed as secondary. Festivals Malta shall have full discretion in how this branding is projected before, during and after the event.

6.        Festivals Malta will only support projects which guarantee excellence in all aspects of the event's execution: artistic, organisational and financial. Applicants must explain how this goal will be reached and show their commitment to it.

7.        The applicant shall submit show how they plan to adhere to all applicable health and safety regulations. Depending of the nature of the event and the venue, Festivals Malta retains the right to add ad hoc supplementary regulations in this respect.

8.        The applicant shall submit a plan which adheres to Festivals Malta's    green policy.

9.        The applicant shall be obliged to pass on a number of complimentary tickets to Festivals Malta. The number shall be determined by the latter.

10.   The applicant himself/herself must attend and complete with success any specialised training sessions in the field that may be organised by Festivals Malta or that Festivals Malta deems necessary.

11.   Due consideration will be given to applications that are accompanied by the applicant's detailed track record in the field. This section shall include information and supporting documentation of similar events organised in the past.



Your application compliance checklist


1.    A copy of your ID card – 3 copies

2.    The project proposal – 3 copies

1.    If you are a voluntary organisation or cooperative, a copy of the relevant certificate of registration must be submitted – three (3) copies


Applicant compliance checklist

Projects are non-compliant if:

§  They are submitted by applicants who are not Maltese nationals/in possession of a residence permit in Malta or ID card.

§  The application is handed after 12.00 (noon) of the respective deadline



An evaluation committee will be set up to assess the submissions in accordance to these criteria. The evaluation committee will meet by the 15th of next month to evaluate the submission.

The evaluation committee bounds itself to issue the results of the evaluation within ten (10) working days following its evaluation date. The result may be communicated to the applicant in a written and/or electronic form.

Applications must be delivered by hand not later than 12.00hrs (noon) on the respective dates to:

RockN Malta

Festivals Malta

Arts Council Malta

16, Casa Scaglia

Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street



Evaluation process

While mandatory material must be submitted by the stipulated deadlines, Festivals Malta retains the right to request additional material from the applicants during the assessment phase. Festivals Malta may ask the applicant to attend a meeting or pitching session with the evaluators.

The results of each respective call (successful, unsuccessful and ineligible applications) will be issued on the date indicated in the submission timeframes. No information on the evaluation process will be released before the official result notification. Any form of soliciting will automatically disqualify an application.

All information received by Festivals Malta will be considered confidential, both during and after the evaluation process. Provisions on data protection and confidentiality for successful projects will be included in the Grant Agreement.

The decision by the Evaluation Board is final and without the right of recourse.



When accepting the grant, applicants accept that their name, the project title and the amount awarded may be published by Festivals Malta.

Beneficiaries will be formally notified with the result, the amount of funding granted for the realisation of the project, and any other conditions related to the grant.

A legally-binding project support agreement, between Festivals Malta and the beneficiary will detail the conditions and amount of funding.

In all cases, payments will be processed after the signing of the contract.

The grant received must be used solely for the purpose for which it was awarded, in line with the submitted project, the approval correspondence and project support agreement. Beneficiaries must advise Festivals Malta immediately if changes affecting the nature of the project take place during implementation.

Festivals Malta may alter or withdraw a grant if the change in the project is not considered reasonable in relation to the initial proposal or if they are not informed within reasonable time of the changes.  Any changes to the original application must be approved in writing by Festivals Malta. Festivals Malta retains the right to change or add new conditions to the agreement during its implementation, if this is deemed necessary for the proper management of the grant and the sound administration of the project.


Project Report

§  At the end of each project, beneficiaries will be asked to submit a detailed report highlighting the work carried out.

§  Beneficiaries will also be asked to submit copies of any relevant marking, publicity or information material developed for the funded project, including photographic evidence and press release.

§  A detailed income and expenditure of the project as compared with the detailed project budget submitted with the application

Submission of this material should be completed within one month of project closure. Festivals Malta retains the right to make use of submitted project material.



Il-Karnival tas-Sajf se jsir bejn il-Gimgħa 17 u l-Ħadd 19 ta’ Awwisu, 2018. Il-Gimgħa 17 u s-Sibt 18 t’Awissu f’Buġibba filwaqt li l-Ħadd 19 ta’ Awwissu 2018 f’Wied il-Għajn. Oltre dan nhar is-Sibt 1 ta’ Settembru, 2018 se jsir Karnival fl-Imġarr Għawdex u numru ta’ karrijiet jistgħu jingħataw l-opportunita’ li jieħdu sehem f’Għawdex ukoll.

Sa nhar il-Ħamis  31 ta’ Mejju, jintlaqgħu espressjoni ta’ interess għall-parteċipazzjoni b’karru fil-Karnival tas-Sajf f’Malta. Flimkien mal-applikazzjoni ta’ espressjoni ta’ interess wieħed ikun mistenni li jehmez sketch u d-dettalji kollha flimkien mat-tagħrif meħtieġ ta’ x’trejler wieħed ikun mistenni li juża jekk magħżul, kostruzzjoni etc....   Il-kundizzjonijiet tal-parteċipazzjoni se tkun marbuta ma’  :-

a.      Se jiġu magħżula sa mhux aktar minn għaxar karrijiet.

b.      Il-karru jrid ikun immuntat fuq trejler adekwat u l-qisien tal-karru għandu jkun

Tul :- Mhux anqas minn 18 pied iżda mhux akbar minn 22 pied

Wisa:- Mhux anqas minn 8 piedi iżda mhux akbar minn 10 piedi

Gholi :-  Mhux aktar minn 15-il pied għoli fiss

Fuq il-karru mhux permess li jkun hemm maskarati.

Kull entratura ma jistax ikollha l-ebda konessjoni ma’ xi rebħ ta’ xi konkors fil-karnival tax-xitwa jew f’xi attivitajiet oħra. It-tim kollu ma jkunx permess li jilbes xi t-shirts b’xi logos ta’ rebħ etc.

c.      Karru jrid ikun b’saħħtu u jiflaħ għall-vjaġġi ukoll lejn il-postijiet tal-isfilata.  Fit-toroq il-karrijiet irridu jkunu rmunkati b’vettura adekwata u liċenzjati a propositu għall-istess.

d.      Sound irrid ikun moderat fl-ebda mument ma jkun jista’ jeċċedi l-qawwa ta’ 85dba. ( L-ispeakers m’għandhomx ikunu long throw)

e.      Mhux permessi muturi tal-petrol ġewwa l-karru

f.       Kwalunkwe movimenti fuq il-karrijiet jkun jitħaddem bl-idejn. Mhux permess li jkun hemm sistema ta’ hydrolic.

g.      Kull karru jrid ikun mgħammar b’dak kollu meħtieġ  in konessjoni mas-safety, inkluż ukoll first aid kits u fire estinguishers adekwati.

h.      Is-sussidju massimu ikun ta’ € 1,000 għall-parteċipazzjoni u dak kollu involut inkluż it-transport minn u lura għall-isfilati kollha. L-organizazzjoni tiddetermina l-ammont tas-sussidju wara li tikkonsidra kemm il-livell u x-xogħol preżentat,  l-annimazzjoni tul l-isfilata mal-karru; l-imġieba, u dak kollu koness mal-parteċipazzjoni tal-istess.

i.       Mhux aktar minn 7 karrijiet inkluż il-grupp allegrija (liebsa l-kostum) mal-karru rispettiv jistgħu jiġu magħżula biex jieħdu sehem fil-karnival t’Għawdex.  Il-karrijiet Għawdex jitilgħu minn Malta nhar il-Ħamis bil-lejl 30 ta’ Awwissu. Se jinżammu r-Rabat Għawdex biex il-Ġimgħa 31 ta’ Awissu jkun esebiti fl-area apposta li se jitħallew hemm tul il-filgħaxija kollu fejn se ssir attivita’ ta’ esebizzjoni tal-karrijiet fil-post apposta viċin l-iskola tar-Rabat Għawdex. Il-karrijiet jinżlu l-Imgarr għall-Karnival tal-1 ta’ Settembru s-Sibt wara nofsinhar. Wara l-parteċipazzjoni fil-Karnival t’Għawdex fil-lejl bejn is-Sibt u l-Ħadd ikun hemm it-tragitt lura Malta. Għal tali parteċipazzjoni jingħata sa € 1,000 f’sussidju. Minn naħa tal-organizazzjoni tieħu ħsieb l-ispiża tal-vjagg tal-karru fuq il-vapur.




Isem:      ___________________________________________


Kuljom:      ___________________________________________


ID Card:      ___________________________________________


Isem il-Kumpanija:      ___________________________________________

Indirizz Postali:      ___________________________________________


Telefone:      ___________________________________________


Email:      ___________________________________________


Tema tal-Karru:      ___________________________________________

(jrid jigi mehmuz sketch dettaljat u skalat tal-karru)

Mal-karru se jkun hemm grupp ta’ maskarati   ( immarka l-kaxxa relatata) □   Iva ;  □  Le

Indikazzjoni mill-applikant jekk jixtieq jiġi kkunsidrat biex jieħu sehem fil-kanrival t’Għawdex kif indikat hawn fuq



Għanafest 2018 – enriching and preserving Maltese culture and traditions

Għanafest 2018 – enriching and preserving Maltese culture and traditions

For its 20th edition, Għanafest 2018 was launched as part of the St.Gregory festivities in Żejtun. Għanafest is a festival that compiles local and foreign traditional music and singing with the aim of promoting local artists. The festival will be held in the recently renovated Argotti Botanical Gardens, hence keeping the festival’s original location. This year’s edition of Għanafest will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of June from 7pm onwards. On both nights, the programme includes a variety of għana and Maltese folk music. Like previous editions, the festival will be a fun environment for the whole family, as it includes local produce and artisan markets.

Artistic Director of the festival, Renzo Spiteri said: “I am very pleased to see that Għanafest is returning to Floriana’s Argotti Gardens. This festival has garnered its deserved attention not only because of its particular content, but also because of the wonderful atmosphere created within these beautiful gardens, Għanafest continues with its commitment to promote Maltese folk, singing to wider audiences while presenting an interesting mix of local singer/songwriters and folk artists from other countries”.

On the first night, the festival will feature vocalist Cheryl Balzan and guitarist and song writer Christian Tanti who will be performing new music from their upcoming album. Later on in the evening, an Irish Band will be performing, Kellys Heroes, whose repertoire includes Celtic tunes and songs, ballads, contemporary music as well as the band’s original material featuring an irish frame drum – bodhran.

The second night of the festival, as mentioned by the Director of Festivals Malta, Annabelle Stivala, will be featuring the Maltese quintet which combines Maltese literature and culture with their unique musical style. Afterwards, Seiva will be performing, a Portuguese folk trio featuring authentic rural music with an urban twist on Portuguese bagpipes and adufe (square drum), percussions, Braguesa, Cavaquinho and tambourine.

Like last year’s edition, the festival will be extending its activities to three different localities:

·        Qrendi will host Festa Agrarja and will showcase għana and folk music on the 27th June.

·        Buskett will host the festival as part of the Imnarja celebrations in the evening of the 28th and morning of the 29th June.

·        Birżebbuġa will host għana in the evening on the 29th of June.

Tickets for Għanafest 2018 on the 22nd and 23rd of June can be bought at the door for €5 per evening or there are also the block tickets for €8

 “Our islands are enriched with an abundant culture and heritage and Għanafest is a celebration of our musical folklore as a Mediterranean country. This year, Għanafest will be celebrated in a number of localities to promote an accessible and inclusive culture for all. Such festivals are constantly attracting new audiences and help increase appreciation towards Maltese musical and cultural traditions”.  – Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government – Hon. Owen Bonnici.

 “This year will see the launch of a three-year project with the music group SKALD, which will seek to present an innovative take on traditional Maltese folk music (għana). Poetry and music will be interlinked to create something new while still staying true to traditional roots. The project will essentially embrace the traditional with the contemporary. Festivals Malta will be investing in this project, aiming to nurture tradition, support emerging talent while making this tradition attractive to our younger audiences.” – Annabelle Stivala – Director Festivals Malta

Għanafest 2018 – insaħħu u nippromwovu l-kultura u t-tradizzjonijiet Maltin

Għanafest 2018 – insaħħu u nippromwovu l-kultura u t-tradizzjonijiet Maltin

L-għoxrin edizzjoni tal-Għanafest 2018, ġiet imnedija bħala parti miċ-ċelebrazzjonijiet ta’ San Girgor fiż-Żejtun. L-Għanafest huwa festival li jiġbor fih mużika u kant tradizzjonali lokali u internazzjonali bil-għan li jippromwovi artisti lokali ta’ dan il-ġeneru. Dan il-festival se jerġa’ jsir fil-Ġnien tal-Argotti fejn sar xogħol ta’ tisbih matul din is-sena. Din l-edizzjoni ta’ Għanafest ser issir fit-22 u t-23 ta’ Ġunju mis-7pm ‘l quddiem. Matul iż-żewġ serati, dan il-programm joffri varjeta` vasta ta’ Għana u mużika folk internazzjonali. Bħal edizzjoniet oħrajn, dan il-festival joħloq atmosfera sabiħa għall-familja. Dan għaliex l-Għanafest jinkludi elementi awtentiċi bħal ikel tradizzjonali malti u wirjiet ta’ ħiliet artiġjanali.

Id-direttur Artistiku ta’ dan il-festival, Renzo Spiteri qal: “Ninsab kuntent illi l-Għanafest se jerġa’ jirritorna fil-Ġnien tal-Argotti fil-Furjana. Dan il-ġnien joffri ambjent ideali għal dan il-festival ta’ ġeneru partikolari. L-għan tal-Ghanafest huwa li jkompli jsaħħaħ it-tradizzjoni tal-mużika folk fost udjenza vasta bil-għan li jservi ta pjattaforma għall-kantanti u kompożituri lokali u artisti internazzjonali tal-istess ġeneru”.

Il-kantanta Cheryl Balzan u l-kitarrist u kompożitur Christian Tanti se jkunu qed jipparteċaw fl-ewwel serata tal-festival, kif ukoll band Irlandiża bl-isem ta’ ‘Kelly Heroes’ fejn se jdoqqu varjeta’ ta’ mużika folk, mużika kontemporanja kif ukoll mużika originali tagħhom bi strument tradizzjonali tal-pajjiż magħruf bħala ‘bodhran’.

Fit-tieni serata tal-festival, hekk kif semmiet id-direttur tal-Festival Annabelle Stivala, il-quintet Malti huwa mistieden biex isemmgħulna l-mużika tagħhom bi stil uniku mħallat ma’ letteratura Maltija. Iktar tard fis-serata, it-trio Portugiż folk ‘Seiva’ għandu ppreparat repertorju ta’ mużika tradizzjonali bi strumenti awtentiċi tal-pajjiż: ċirimelli portugiżi, adufe, braguesa, cavaquinho u tamburin.

Bħall-edizzjoni tas-sena l-oħra, il-festival se jestendi l-attivitajiet tiegħu għal 3 irħula oħra:

·        Qrendi – Festa Agrarja fis-27 ta’ Ġunju.

·        Buskett – Bħala parti miċ-ċelebrazzjonijiet tal-Imnarja fit-28 ta’ Ġunju filgħaxija u filgħodu tad-29 ta’ Ġunju.

·        Birżebbuġa – Programm ta’ għana fid-29 ta’ Ġunju filgħaxija.

Biljetti għall-Għanafest 2018 jistgħu jinxtraw fit-22 u t-23 ta’ Ġunju mal-bieb għall-prezz ta’ €5 kull lejla jew ta' €8 għal jumejn.

“It-tradizzjonijiet huma parti importanti min dak li jagħmilna Maltin u Għawdxin u aħna għandna obbligu li nieħdu ħsiebhom dawn it-tradizzjonijiet, nindukrawhom u nagħmluhom rilevanti għaż-żminijiet tal-lum. L-Għanafest li nedejna llum waqt il-festa tradizzjonali ta’ San Girgor, huwa pjattaforma eċċellenti biex inkomplu nagħtu ħajja ġdida lill-għana f’pajjiżna. Dan se jsir fl-Argotti fejn għal darb oħra se jkun hemm festival sabiħ immens. Pero ħsibna wkoll illi nġibu l-għana iktar qrib it-toroq u l-pjazez fl-irħula Maltin u Għawdxin u għazilna tliet lokalitajiet. Il-Kultura hija importanti ħafna għalina u aħna se nkomplu mmexxu ‘l quddiem l-aspetti kollha tal-espressjoni kulturali”. Ministru għal-Ġustizzja, Kultura u Gvern Lokali – Ono. Owen Bonniċi.

“Fl-Għanafest niċċelebraw elementi differenti – il-muzika, il-gastronomija, t-tradizzjonijiet u qed nippruvaw nagħmlu affarijiet li jkunu iktar kontemporanji. Din is-sena ġie mniedi proġett ta’ tlett snin mal-grupp SKALD, li jħaddan it-tradizzjoni tal-mużika folk (l-għana) b’mod innovativ. Il-poeżija u l-mużika jiġu mħawwra biex joħolqu xi ħaġa ġdida filwaqt li jżommu l-element awtentiku tat-tradizzjoni. Festivals Malta se jkun qed jinvesti f’dan il-proġett,bil-għan li jkompli jsaħħaħ it-tradizzjoni, jippromwovi talent ġdid lokali waqt li dawn l-attivitajiet iservu biex iż-żgħazagħ ikunu jistgħu jirrelataw iktar magħhom”. Direttur Festivals Malta – Annabelle Stivala.

St Gregory Day programme launched

St Gregory Day programme launched

Festivals Malta has lauched the programme for the feast of St Gregory to be held on Wednesday 4 April in Żejtun and on the Marsaxlokk promenade. Like last year, the rich programme starts early in the morning and continues late into the afternoon. The events include religious celebrations, among them the pilgrimage from Chapel of St Clement, to the parish of St Catherine in Żejtun and the Church of St Gregory, as well as entertainment by many Maltese folk singers (għannejja) and musicians along the Marsaxlokk promenade. These activities are organised by Festivals Malta in collaboration with the Local Councils of Żejtun and Marsaxlokk.

The St Gregory Day activities form part of the Għanafest festival under Festivals Malta and celebrates local folk culture. With this feast, we also extend our commitment to expose għana in events other than Għanafest and, after last year’s successful fringe event in Marsaxlokk, we are very happy to be back in this popular Maltese fishing village.

The St Gregory pilgrimage dates back centuries although no one knows exactly when and why it began. There are many theories regarding this, among them a vow to bring to an end a tragedy such as a plague or the destruction of crops, or a thanksgiving for a storm which warded off a pirate attack on the Maltese Islands. What we know for certain is that this ritual has been taking place since at least 1543 because of notarial documents which describe it and which indicate that it had already been taking place since long before.

For further information about the feast of St Gregory and the Għanafest programme, visit www.għ

Feast of St Gregory programme in Żejtun and Marsaxlokk promenade

4 April

09:45     Pilgrimage starts at the Chapel of St Clement in Żejtun and heads towards the parish of St Catherine where the Miserere will be sung. It will be led by Archbishop Charles Scicluna, together with the Metroplitan Chapter, parish priest, the clergy and the Archconfraternity of St Joseph of Rabat and Mdina.

The pilgrimage will continue from St Catherine’s parish church to the old parish church known as St Gregory’s Church. The In Guardia parade will accompany the pilgrimage along St Gregory Street. The members of this parade will take their position next to the cross on the side of the parish church and, from there, will accompany the pilgrimage towards St Gregory’s church. In Guardia will be mostly representing the religious section of the Order of St John. From here, it will be accompany the processional cortege towards the Church of St Gregory.

10:30 Mass at St Gregory’s Church with the participation of all present.

10:45 Għannejja Joe Aguis (tas-seba’ rġiel) and Anġlu Theuma (il-kina), guitarists Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birżebbuġa) and Victor Grech (iż-Żabbari), two animal-drawn carts and In Guardia will take their place on the parvis of St Gregory’s church.

Traditional Maltese games such as passju, żibeġ and boċċi will be played on the parvis of St Gregory’s church. There will also be various artisans working their trade.

11:00  Għana and Daqq tal-Prejjem on the parvis of St Gregory’s Church.

11:20 The Għanafest 2018 press conference will be held on the parvis of St Gregory’s Church.

11:30 Għannejja and guitarists commence their journey to Marsaxlokk on animal-drawn carts.

12:00 The defilé arrives at Marsaxlokk Parish Church.


Stage at the centre of the Marsaxlokk promenade

12:15 Daqq tal-Prejjem: Guitarists Group 1

12:25 Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Group 1

13:10 Christabelle Scerri

13:40 Daqq tal-Prejjem: Guitarists Group 2

13:50 Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Group 2

14:30 Makkjetti: Michael Brignioni (il-ġurdien)

14:40 The Greenfields

15:05 Daqq tal-Prejjem: Guitarists Group 3

15:15 Għana tal-Botta u tar-Risposta: Għannejja Group 3

16:00 End


Stage at the end of the promenade

(further up from the convent where għana used to be sung spontaneously)

12:30 Daqq tal-Prejjem: Guitarists Group 3

12:40 Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Group 3

13:20 The Greenfields

13:45 Daqq tal-Prejjem: Guitarists Group 1

14:00 Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Group 1

14:45 Christabelle Scerri

15:15  Daqq tal-Prejjem: Guitarists Group 2

15:25 Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Group 2

16:05  Makkjetti: Michael Brignioni (il-ġurdien)

4:15  End



Guitarists             Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birżebbuġa), Frans Casha (tas-Saqajn)
Għannejja           Joe Agius (tas-seba’ rġiel), Anġlu Theuma (il-kina), Anthony Coleiro (kulajru) and Alfred Desira (l-Indjan)

Guitarists            Reuben Schembri (il-fusinu), Francesco Cutajar (tad-Danny) and Vince Carabott (il-Bukku)
Għannejja          Żeppi Ellul (iż-Żebbuġi), Żaren Ellul (ta’ fellusu), Kalċidon Vella (id-Danny) and Mario Xuereb (ta’ Gerald)

Guitarists            Calcidon Vella (ta’ Mustaċċa), Joe Bonello (Skuti) and Denise Vella (Ta’ Kalċ) 

Għannejja          Manwel Ellul (il-Beġiġ), Fredu Abela (iż-Żejtuni), Joe Busuttil (il-Bużu) and Anthony Carl Cutajar (il-Pikkolin)

Imħabbar il-programm għal Jum San Girgor

Imħabbar il-programm għal Jum San Girgor

Festivals Malta ħabbret il-programm għaċ-ċelebrazzjoni ta’ Jum San Girgor li se jsir nhar l-Erbgħa 4 t’April fiż-Żejtun u fix-Xatt ta’ Marsaxlokk. Bħas-sena li għaddiet il-programm hu wieħed mimli li jibda minn filgħodu u jibqa’ għaddej sa tard waranofsinhar. Dan jinkludi ċelebrazzjonijiet reliġjużi fosthom il-pellegrinaġġ mill-Kappella ta’ San Kelment sal-Parroċċa ta’ Santa Katerina fiż-Żejtun għall-Knisja ta’ San Girgor kif ukoll divertiment provdut minn bosta għannejja u daqqaqa max-Xatt ta’ Marsaxlokk. Dawn l-attivitajiet huma organizzati minn Festivals Malta bil-kollaborazzjoni tal-Kunsill Lokali taż-Żejtun u ta’ Marsaxlokk.

L-attivitajiet ta’ Jum San Girgor jagħmlu parti mill-festival Għanafest, imtella’ minn Festivals Malta, li jiċċelebra l-kultura folkloristika lokali. B’din il-festa, qed nestendu wkoll l-impenn tagħna li nesponu attivitajiet tal-għana lil hinn minn Għanafest, u wara l-avveniment tas-sena li għaddiet f’Marsaxlokk li kien ta’ suċċess, kuntenti li rġajna lura f’dan ir-raħal magħruf għas-sajd.

Il-pellegrinaġġ ta’ San Girgor imur lura għal sekli sħaħ għalkemm ħadd ma jaf eżatt meta beda u għaliex. Hemm ħafna teoriji dwaru fosthom wegħda biex tintemm xi traġedja bħal pesta jew qirda tal-uċuħ tar-raba’, jew ringrazzjament għax maltempata tkun ħarbtet xi flotta furbana milli tattakka lill-Gżejjer Maltin. Li nafu żgur hu li din iċ-ċelebrazzjoni ilha ssir mill-inqas mill-1543, minħabba li nstab dokument notarili li jiddeskriviha, imma li jagħti x’jifhem li kienet ilha ssir minn ħafna qabel.

Għal aktar tagħrif dwar il-festa ta’ San Girgor u l-programm ta’ Għanafest, żur www.għ

Programm f’Jum San Girgor 2018 fiż-Żejtun u fix-xatt ta’ Marsaxlokk

09:45    Pellegrinaġġ li jibda miż-Żejtun mill-Kappella ta’ San Klement lejn il-Parroċċa ta’ Santa Katerina fejn jitkanta il-miserere. Imexxi l-Mons. Arċisqof Charles Scicluna flimkien mal-Kapitlu Metropolitan, l-Arċipriet, il-kleru u l-Arċikonfraternità ta’ San Ġużepp tar-Rabat u tal-Imdina.

Wara mill-Parroċċa ta’ Santa Katerina jkompli l-pellegrinaġġ lejn il-parroċċa l-antika magħrufa bħala ta’ San Girgor. L-In Guardia takkumpanja l-pellegrinaġġ matul Triq San Girgor.

L-In Guardia tieħu postha biswit is-salib mal-ġenb tal-knisja parrokkjali – din se tirrapreżenta l-parti reliġjuża tal-Ordni ta’ San Ġwann. Minn hawnhekk takkumpanja fuq quddiem il-korteo proċessjonali lejn il-Knisja ta’ San Girgor.

10:30    Quddiesa letta fil-Knisja ta’ San Girgor bis-sehem ta’ dawk kollha preżenti.

 10:45    Jieħdu posthom fejn il-Knisja ta’ San Girgor, l-għannejja Joe Agius (tas-seba’ rġiel) u Anġlu Theuma (il-kina), u l-kitarristi Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birżebbuġa) u Victor Grech (iż-Żabbari),  iż-żewġ karrettuni bil-bhejjem u l-In Guardia.

Jibda logħob tradizzjonali Malti mit-tfal fuq iz-zuntier tal-Knisja ta’ San Girgor bħal passju, żibeġ, boċċi, eċċ. Se jkun hemm ukoll diversi artiġġjana jaħdmu diversi snajja’ tradizzjonali.

11:00    Daqq tal-Prejjem u għana fuq iz-zuntier tal-Knisja ta’ San Girgor.

 11:20    Tingħata konferenza stampa fuq iz-zuntier tal-Knisja ta’ San Girgor dwar l-Għanafest 2018.

11:30    Tibda l-isfilata tal-karrettuni miġbuda mill-bhejjem u bl-għannejja u l-kitarristi fuqhom lejn Marsaxlokk.

 12:00    Tasal l-isfilata fejn il-Knisja Parrokkjali ta’ Marsaxlokk.


Palk fiċ-ċentru tax-Xatt ta’ Marsaxlokk

 12:15    Daqq tal-Prejjem: Kitarristi Grupp 1

12:25    Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Grupp 1

13:10    Christabelle Scerri

13:40    Daqq tal-Prejjem: Kitarristi Grupp 2

13:50    Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Grupp 2

14:30    Makkjetti: Michael Brignioni (il-ġurdien)

14:40    The Greenfields

15:05    Daqq tal-Prejjem: Kitarristi Grupp 3

15:15    Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Grupp 3

16:00    Għeluq


Palk f’tarf ix-Xatt

(’il fuq mis-sorijiet fejn kienet issir l-għana spontanja)


12:30    Daqq tal-Prejjem: Kitarristi Grupp 3

12:40    Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Grupp 3

13:20    The Greenfields

13:45    Daqq tal-Prejjem: Kitarristi Grupp 1

14:00    Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Grupp 1

14:45    Christabelle Scerri

15:15    Daqq tal-Prejjem: Kitarristi Grupp 2

15:25    Għana tal-Botta u r-Risposta: Għannejja Grupp 2

16:05    Makkjetti: Michael Brignioni (il-ġurdien)

16:15    Għeluq




Kitarristi         Johnny Saliba (ta’ Birżebbuġa), Frans Casha (tas-Saqajn)

Għannejja        Joe Agius (tas-seba’ rġiel), Anġlu Theuma (il-kina), Anthony Coleiro (kulajru) u Alfred Desira (l-Indjan)


Kitarristi         Reuben Schembri (il-fusinu), Francesco Cutajar (tad-Danny), Vince Carabott (il-Bukku)

Għannejja       Żeppi Ellul (iż-Żebbuġi), Żaren Ellul (ta’ fellusu), Kalċidon Vella (id-Danny) u Mario Xuereb (ta’ Gerald)


Kitarristi         Calcidon Vella (ta’ mustaċċa), Joe Bonello (skuti), Denise Vella (Ta’ Kalċ)              Għannejja       Manwel Ellul (il-beġiġ), Fredu Abela (iż-Żejtuni), Joe Busuttil (il-bużu) u Anthony Carl Cutajar (il-pikkolin)





Festivals Malta is looking for creative and innovative professionals to take on the role of Artistic Directors. An Artistic Director has the overall responsibility for the artistic management of the festival s/he is assigned to and for the development and implementation of its artistic output. The Artistic Directors will collaborate closely with the Festival Managers and will report to the Festivals Malta Director. The chosen Artistic Directors need to provide artistic direction for a period of three years (2019-2021) for the following festivals:

May - World Music Festival

June - Għanafest - Malta Mediterranean Folk Music Festival

July - Malta International Arts Festival

July - Malta Jazz Festival

October - Notte Bianca

November - The Three Palaces Festival


Role Summary

The Artistic Director shall:

-        Devise, plan and supervise the execution of the festival and related activities in the name of Festivals Malta;

-        Coordinate with performers and artists so as to attain the best possible productions and do his/her utmost to attract considerable audiences in pursuit of strategies designed for audience development;

-        Research, workshop, design and engage local and international material and talent following best practices policies and cutting edge creative initiatives towards the staging of an event of international standards;

-        Choose the artistic content for the festival that will include a wide spectrum of performance genres, the hiring and commissioning of companies;

-        Attending and supervising each scheduled performance of the production;

-        Contributing creatively and artistically in the designing and production of the event;

-        Be required to publicly speak about the festival;

-        Devote whatever time may be necessary for the success of the festival;

-        Be in Malta at least 3 weeks before and during the duration of the festival;

-        Report to the Director Festivals Malta.


Selection Criteria:

Applicants must be able to provide an overall artistic vision and develop festivals to fulfil its mission and vision whilst striving for quality and excellence. Applicants should have a proven track record of their work, be purposeful and motivated, and must possess excellent communication skills. S/he will be required to make use of his/her existing resources and networks to attract local and international interest in the festival.



The Candidates must have a proven track record in the following:

- Budgeting skills.

- Networking with international artists and artistic management companies

- Strong communications skills

- Strong organisational skills 

- Experience working in high profile cultural events. 

-  Idea generation and delivery of projects from conception to completion

 - Experience in managing multiple projects

-  Experience in event management.

- Knowledge of the local area and cultural sector.

Preference will be given to professionals with broad experience in the field of the arts, particularly those who have participated in events of international prestige and who are ready to continue developing our festivals according to the related strategic plans. Accountability and knowledge of working with public funds will be considered an asset.

Interested individuals should send a detailed portfolio highlighting their artistic track record, together with a letter expressing their motivation and desire to be an Artistic Director, the strengths they would bring to the position and the goals they would like to achieve if they are chosen to perform the duties of Artistic Director for a specific festival.

All applicants must be registered with the VAT Department.

Submissions will be received during office hours at Festivals Malta premises by not later than noon, Friday 30th March 2018 and are to be addressed to:

Director Festivals Malta

Festivals Malta, 16, Casa Scaglia, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Valletta VLT1311

Any questions about the call should be sent to by Friday 23rd March 2018.

Acknowledgements to all applicants will be sent by Friday 6th April 2018, and eligible candidates will be interviewed in April 2018.





Festivals Malta qed tfittex professjonisti kreattivi u innovattivi biex jieħdu r-rwol ta’ Diretturi Artistiċi. Id-Diretturi Artistiċi għandhom ir-responsabbiltà sħiħa tal-maniġment artistiku tal-festival li jkunu assenjati fuqu kif ukoll tal-iżvilupp u l-implimentazzjoni tax-xogħol artistiku li jittella’ fih. Id-Diretturi Artistiċi jridu jikkollaboraw mill-viċin mal-Maniġers tal-Festivals u jirrapportaw lura lid-Direttur ta’ Festivals Malta. Id-Diretturi Artistiċi magħżula jeħtieġ li jipprovdu direzzjoni artistika għal perjodu ta’ tliet snin (2019-2021) għall-festivals li ġejjin:  

Mejju - World Music Festival

Ġunju - Għanafest - Il-Festival tal-Mużika Folk Mediterranja f’Malta

Lulju - Malta International Arts Festival

Lulju - Malta Jazz Festival

Ottubru - Notte Bianca

Novembru - The Three Palaces


Dwar l-irwol

 Id-Diretturi Artistiċi għandhom:

-        Ifasslu, jippjanaw u jissorveljaw l-eżekuzzjoni tal-festival u l-attivitajiet marbuta miegħu f’isem Festivals Malta;

-        Jikkordinaw mal-performers u l-artisti biex jiksbu l-aqwa produzzjonijiet possibbli u jagħmlu l-almu tagħhom biex jattiraw udjenzi konsiderevoli grazzi għal strateġiji mfassla biex jiżviluppaw l-udjenza;

-        Jagħmlu riċerka, imexxu gruppi ta’ diskussjoni, jiddisinjaw u jingaġġaw materjal u talent lokali u internazzjonali billi jimxu ma’ politki tal-aqwa prattiċi u inizjattivi kreattivi avvanzati fl-organizzazzjoni ta’ avvenimenti fuq livelli internazzjonali;

-        Jagħżlu l-kontenut artistiku għall-festival li jinkludi firxa wisgħa ta’ ġeneri performattivi kif ukoll itellgħu xogħol lest ta’ kumpanijiet jew jikkummissjonawhom biex jagħmlu xogħol ġdid;

-        Jattendu u jissorveljaw kull spettaklu skedat tal-produzzjoni;

-        Jikkontribwixxu b’mod kreattiv u artistiku fit-tfassil u l-produzzjoni tal-avveniment;

-        Jintalbu jitkellmu fil-pubbliku dwar il-festival;

-        Jiddedikaw kemm hemm bżonn ħin biex il-festival ikun ta’ suċċess;

-        Ikunu Malta mill-inqas 3 ġimgħat qabel u waqt li jkun qed jittella’ l-festival;

-        Jirrappurtaw lura lid-Direttur ta’ Festivals Malta


Kriterji tal-Għażla:

L-applikanti jridu jkunu kapaċi jipprovdu viżjoni artistika ġenerali u kif se jiżviluppaw il-festivals billi jilħqu l-missjoni u l-viżjoni attwali ta’ Festivals Malta waqt li jaħdmu għall-kwalità u l-eċċellenza. L-applikanti jrid ikollhom esperjenza dokumentata tax-xogħol tagħhom, kapaċi jilħqu l-miri tagħhom u jkunu motivati u jkollhom ħiliet komunikattivi eċċellenti. Ikunu meħtieġa jagħmlu użu mir-riżorsi u n-networks eżistenti tagħhom biex jiġbdu l-interess lokali u internazzjonali lejn il-festival.



Il-kandidati jrid ikollhom esperjenza f’li ġej:

-        Ħiliet fl-ibbaġitjar

-        Networking ma’ artisti u kumpaniji ta’ maniġment artistiku internazzjonali

-        Ħiliet komunikattivi b’saħħithom

-        Ħiliet organizzativi b’saħħithom

-        Esperjenza ta’ ħidma f’avvenimenti ta’ profil kulturali għoli

-        Kapaċi joħorġu b’ideat u jfasslu proġetti mill-ħsieb sal-eżekuzzjoni

-        Esperjenza fl-immaniġġjar ta’ bosta progetti f’daqqa

-        Esperjenza fl-immaniġġjar tal-avvenimenti

-        Għarfien tas-settur kulturali u l-ħajja Maltija

Tingħata preferenza lil professjonisti b’esperjenza wiesgħa fil-qasam tal-arti, b’mod partikolari dawk li pparteċipaw f’avvenimenti ta’ prestiġju internazzjonali u li huma lesti li jkomplu jiżviluppaw il-festivals tagħna skont il-pjanijiet strateġiċi relatati. Ir-responsabbiltà u l-għarfien dwar il-ħidma mal-fondi pubbliċi jitqiesu bħala assi.

Dawk interessati għandhom jibagħtu portafoll dettaljat li jenfasizza r-rekord artistiku tagħhom, flimkien ma’ ittra li tesprimi l-motivazzjoni u x-xewqa tagħhom li jkunu Direttur Artistiku, x’ħiliet se jġibu magħhom, u l-għanijiet li jixtiequ jiksbu jekk jintgħażlu biex jaqdu d-dmirijiet ta’ Direttur Artistiku għal festival partikulari.

L-applikanti kollha għandhom ikunu reġistrati mad-Dipartiment tal-VAT.

Is-sottomissjonijiet jintlaqgħu waqt il-ħinijiet tal-uffiċċju fil-bini ta’ Festivals Malta mhux aktar tard minn nofsinhar, il-Ġimgħa 30 ta’ Marzu 2018 u għandhom jiġu indirizzati hekk:

Direttur tal-Festivals Malta, Festivals Malta, 16, Casa Scaglia, Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli, Valletta VLT1311

Kwalunkwe mistoqsija dwar is-sejħa għandha tintbagħat lil sal-Ġimgħa 23 ta’ ta’ Marzu 2018.


Jazz Festival launches early bird tickets, free concerts, masterclasses

Jazz Festival launches early bird tickets, free concerts, masterclasses

The early bird tickets for the Malta Jazz Festival are now on sale, Festivals Malta has announced. This year’s edition, which runs from 16 to 21 July will be a special one, with iconic performers as well as an attractive world jazz element, seeing as Valletta is European Capital of Culture (ECoC). Following from last year’s success, the festival will also feature free lunchtime concerts as well as masterclasses.

The festival, which runs from 16 to 21 July, boasts three of the biggest names in jazz today, namely Chick Corea, Christian McBride and Karim Ziad. Held over six days in various venues across Valletta’s historical setting, the festival promises to be one of the highlights of the summer festivals, presenting an eclectic range of styles which make up the contemporary jazz scene.

The festival will open with three free events on 16 July: a concert featuring Vinny Vella on piano, singer Andreana Debattista, Anthony Saliba on bass and Joe Micallef on drums will usher in the 2018 edition of the festival, just outside the Parliament Building. The festival will be officially launched at the Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana, the festival’s main partner, at 8:30 p.m. on the same day with a concert by the Stjepko Gut quintet and Jazz Island, a photographic exhibition by Joe Smith, the latter which will be open till 21 July.

The all-embracing line-up of the festival stretches further boundaries this year with Karim Ziad, who will bring his unique blend of jazz, gnaoua and other North African rhythms to Malta. The Brazilian legend Joâo Bosco, which The New York Times described as “one of Brazil’s most fabled guitarists, singers and composers” will be back in Malta to close this year’s special edition of the festival. 

Speaking about the festival, artistic director Sandro Zerafa said: “The Malta Jazz Festival has become an institution. During these few days the most beautiful sounds on earth converge in a celebration of one of the most important, yet misunderstood art forms of the past century. Jazz is constantly reinventing itself, jazz is tradition, jazz is young and old, jazz is full of contradictions, but jazz is not dead. Every July we are delighted to stage this event, honouring this eminently humane art form.”

Zerafa proudly highlighted some of the special ECoC features: “In Malta, jazz is synonymous with Valletta, and I am privileged to orchestrate a special line-up for the 2018 ECoC title. It will be one of this year’s highlights and Chick Corea’s presence is particularly significant as it reminds us of when it all started, back in Ta’ Liesse in 1991, when the foundations of Malta’s oldest running festival were laid.”

Festivals Director Annabelle Stivala underlined the uniqueness of the festival: “The Malta Jazz Festival is the only event of its calibre that promotes and celebrates jazz locally. The week-long event features international performers and virtuosos in a unique setting. On-stage collaborations, masterclasses and workshops are some of the attractions to expect.”

The acts on Friday, 20 July will feature Christian McBride’s New Jawn, a killer tight and soulful unit. Powered by a relentless energy and a boundless love of swing, five-time Grammy winner Christian McBride’s path has seen a continuous positive arc since his arrival on the scene. With a career now blazing into its third decade, the Philadelphia native has become one of the most requested, most recorded, and most respected figures in the music world today. Also performing on the same day is the newly formed BOKANTÉ ensemble. Meaning ‘ensemble’ in Creole, BOKANTÉ is Snarky Puppy founder and GroundUP Music creator Michael League’s experiment. Eight musicians from four continents come together to create a diverse ensemble rich in groove, melody, and soul.

The American jazz, and jazz fusion pianist, keyboardist and composer Chick Corea will be reunited with longtime brothers-in-music John Patitucci and Dave Weckl as the Chick Corea Trio on Saturday, 21 July. Expect Chick’s signature boundless energy on piano and brilliant songwriting, John’s unparalleled mastery on the bass, and Dave’s unmistakable brilliance on drums.

The Malta Jazz Festival is grateful to its main partner, The Phoenicia Hotel. It is organised by Festivals Malta within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, with the support of Valletta 2018, the Malta Tourism Authority, Mapfre MSV Life, Farsons and Offbeat Music Bar.

Early bird tickets

The early bird ticket prices for the events at Ta’ Liesse on 20 and 21 July are as follows: one-day ticket €15 (standard price €20); one-day gold ticket €25 (standard price: €30); Block early-bird tickets covering both 20 and 21 July are as follows: €30 (standard price: €35); gold tickets: €40 (standard price

: €50). Concession tickets are as follows: Student and over 60 tickets are always €15 per day; and €30 for a block ticket (two days). Children under 12 always enter for free. All other events are free.

Full programme









MMonday, 16 July

12:30, Outside Parliament Building

Vinny Vella – piano; Andreana Debattista – vocals; Anthony Saliba – bass; Joe Micallef – drums
20:30, Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana

Malta Jazz Festival launch feat. Stjepko Gut quintet feat. Hugo Lippi, Olivier Zanot, Philippe Aerts, Philippe Soirat

Photographic exhibition launch: Jazz Island by Joe Smith, runs till 21 July

Tuesday 17, July

12:30, Outside Parliament Building, Free

Mariele Zammit ‘The Lieder Project’ – Mariele Zammit – vocals; Joe Debono – piano; Joseph Camilleri – drums

20:30, Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta, Free
A Tribute to Clark Terry – Stjepko Gut quintet feat. Hugo Lippi, Olivier Zanot, Philippe Aerts, Philippe Soirat

Wednesday, 18 July

12:30, Outside Parliament Building

Anthony Camilleri Trio
21:00, Offbeat Music Bar, Valletta, Free

The annual Malta Jazz festival jam session feat. Stjepko Gut, Hugo Lippi, Olivier Zanot, Philippe Aerts and Philippe Soirat
21:00, The Storeroom, Ta’ Xbiex, Free
The Ranch

Thursday, 19 July 

12:30, Outside Parliament Building

Warren Galea Trio

20:00, Valletta Centre, Free (MAIN EVENTS)
Yotam Silberstein Quartet (City Gate)
A Tribute to Count Basie – The MCO Big Band plays Kansas City Suite
(Pjazza Teatru Rjal)
Karim Ziad ‘Ifrikya’ (in front of Law Courts)

Friday, 20 July 

12:30, Outside Parliament Building 

Jes Psaila Project

20:00, Ta’ Liesse (MAIN EVENTS)
The Blue Tangerine
Christian McBride's New Jawn

Saturday 21 July

12:30, Outside Parliament Building 

The Malta School of Music Jazz Ensemble
20:00, Ta’ Liesse (MAIN EVENTS)
Chick Corea Trio
João Bosco


The Malta Jazz Festival presents its annual masterclass series featuring some great musicians from the international jazz scene. Participation is free but the number of participants is limited. Priority will be given to practising musicians. The sessions are one and a half hours long. Please send an e-mail to indicating masterclass, level and phone number. Applications are open on 14 May. Applications before this date won’t be considered. The masterclasses will be held at the Offbeat Music Bar at 106 Merchant’s Street, Valletta. 


Monday 16 July, 5 p.m.

Hugo Lippi – guitar  

Tuesday 17 July, 5 p.m.

Philippe Soirat – drums, Philippe Aerts – bass

Wednesday 18 July, 5 p.m.

Yotam Silberstein – guitar  

Thursday 19 July, 5 p.m.

Olivier Zanot – saxophone  

Friday 20 July, 5 p.m.

Stjepko Gut – trumpet

Saturday 21 July, 11 a.m.

Vincent Jacqz – ear training


For more information, visit


Il-Jazz Festival iħabbar l-ewwel biljetti bi prezz imraħħas, kunċerti bla ħlas u masterclasses

Il-Jazz Festival iħabbar l-ewwel biljetti bi prezz imraħħas, kunċerti bla ħlas u masterclasses

L-ewwel biljetti bi prezz imraħħas għall-Jazz Festival issa jinsabu għall-bejgħ. Dan tħabbar minn Festivals Malta. L-edizzjoni speċjali ta’ din is-sena se jkollha artisti kbar kif ukoll element attraenti ta’ jazz dinji, fl-okkażjoni li l-belt Valletta hi l-Kapitali Ewropea tal-Kultura (ECoC). Wara s-suċċess tas-sena li għaddiet, il-festival se jerġa’ jtella’ bla ħlas il-kunċerti ta’ nofsinhar kif ukoll il-masterclasses.

Il-Jazz Festival, li jiftaħ fis-16 ta’ Lulju u jintemm fil-21 ta’ Lulju, hu kburi li għandu tlieta mill-akbar ismijiet fil-jazz tal-lum: Chick Corea, Christian McBride u Karim Ziad. Il-festival se jinżamm f’bosta postijiet madwar iċ-ċentru storiku tal-Belt fuq sitt ijiem u żgur se jkun wieħed mill-aqwa festivals għas-sajf li ġej, grazzi għat-taħlita ta’ stili ta’ jazz kontemporanju li se joffri.

Il-festival jiftaħ bi tliet avvenimenti li se jkunu b’xejn fis-16 ta’ Lulju: kunċert minn Vinny Vella fuq il-pjanu, il-kantanta Andreana Debattista, Anthony Saliba (baxx) u Joe Micallef (tnabar) quddiem il-bini tal-Parlament. Il-ftuħ uffiċjali tal-festival se jsir fit-8:30pm fl-istess ġurnata b’kunċert minn Stjepko Gut Quintet u l-wirja fotografika Jazz Island ta’ Joe Smith, fil-Phoenicia Hotel fil-Furjana, li hu s-sieħeb ewlieni tal-festival. Il-wirja tibqa’ miftuħa sal-21 ta’ Lulju.

Din is-sena l-festival ikompli jwessa’ l-fruntieri tiegħu permezz tas-sehem ta’ Karim Ziad, li se joffri taħlita ta’ jazz, gnaoua u ritmi oħra mill-Afrika ta’ Fuq kif ukoll tal-leġġenda Brażiljana Joâo Bosco, li skont The New York Times hu “wieħed mill-aqwa kitarristi, kantanti u kompożituri fil-Brażil”, u se jerġa’ jżur il-gżira għall-edizzjoni speċjali tal-festival ta’ din is-sena.

Dwar il-festival, id-direttur artistiku Sandro Zerafa qal: “Il-Malta Jazz Festival sar istituzzjoni. Matul dawn il-ftit jiem l-isbaħ ħsejjes fuq id-dinja jiltaqgħu f’ċelebrazzjoni ta’ waħda mill-iktar forom ta’ arti importanti tas-seklu passat, li fl-istess waqt hi l-inqas waħda li tinftiehem. Il-jazz mimli kontradizzjonijiet - il-ħin kollu jiġġedded imma fl-istess ħin hu tradizzjoni. Li hemm żgur hu li mhuwiex mejjet. Kull meta jiġi Lulju hu gost tagħna li ntellgħu avveniment li bih nonoraw din il-forma ta’ arti umana magħrufa u rispettata.”

Zerafa semma’ wħud mill-iktar artisti importanti li se jieħdu sehem f’din l-edizzjoni speċjali: “F’Malta l-jazz hu sinonimu mal-Belt u nħossni privileġġat li qed noħloq dan il-programm speċjali fis-sena li Malta qed iġġorr it-titlu tal-Kapitali Ewropea. Il-preżenza ta’ Chick Corea hi partikularment importanti minħabba li tfakkarna minn fejn bdejna, lura fl-1991 f’Ta’ Liesse, fejn tpoġġew il-pedamenti tal-iktar festival Malti li ilu għaddej.”

Id-Direttur tal-Festivals Annabelle Stivala enfasizzat kemm hu uniku dan il-festival: “Il-Malta Jazz Festival hu l-uniku avveniment tal-kalibru tiegħu li jippromwovi u jiċċelebra l-jazz lokalment. Dan l-avveniment ta’ ġimgħa jservi ta’ vetrina f’post uniku għal artisti internazzjonali inkluż dawk ta’ kalibru għoli. Fost l-attrazzjonijiet li wieħed għandu jistenna hemm il-kollaborazzjonijiet li jseħħu fuq il-palk, il-masterclasses kif ukoll il-workshops.”

Il-programm tal-Ġimgħa 20 ta’ Lulju jinkludi l-grupp New Jawn ta’ Christian McBride. Il-karriera ta’ McBride hi mmexxija minn enerġija bla waqfien u l-imħabba profonda għas-swing. L-artist, li ġej minn Philadelphia u hu rebbieħ tal-premju Grammy għal ħames darbiet, ilu għaddej bla waqfien għal dawn l-aħħar 30 sena. Hu wieħed mill-iktar artisti mfittxija u li ġew rekordjati fid-dinja tal-mużika tal-lum. Dakinhar se jdoqqu wkoll BOKANTÉ, grupp li għaqqad dan l-aħħar Michael League, il-fundatur ta’ Snarky Puppy. Il-kelma ‘bokanté’ tfisser ensemble bil-Kreol. Il-grupp magħmul minn tmien mużiċisti minn erba’ kontinenti differenti li ngħaqdu flimkien f’esperiment biex joħolqu grupp mużikali divers li hu rikk fil-groove, melodija u soul.

Il-kompożitur u mużiċist tal-jazz imħallat Amerikan Chick Corea se jerġa’ jingħaqad mal-ħbieb antiki tiegħu John Patitucci u Dave Weckl, u se jdoqqu bħala ċ-Chick Corea Trio nhar is-Sibt 21 ta’ Lulju. Dakinhar wieħed għandu jistenna l-enerġija inkredibbli ta’ Corea fuq il-pjanu kif ukoll jisma’ l-kitba tal-mużika brillanti tiegħu flimkien mal-artistrija fuq il-baxx ta’ Patitucci u l-brillantezza fuq it-tnabar ta’ Weckl.

Il-Malta Jazz Festival hu grat għall-appoġġ kontinwu li jsib mil-lukanda Phoenicia. Il-festival hu mtella’ minn Festivals Malta, li taqa’ taħt il-Ministeru tal-Ġustizzja, Kultura u Gvern Lokali, bl-appoġġ ta’ Valletta 2018, l-Awtorità Maltija għat-Turiżmu, Mapfre MSV Life, Farsons u Offbeat Music Bar.

L-ewwel biljetti bi prezz imraħħas

L-ewwel biljetti bi prezz imraħħas għall-avvenimenti f’Ta’ Liesse nhar l-20 u l-21 ta’ Lulju huma dawn:

·       biljett ta’ ġurnata bilwieqfa €15 (prezz nomali €20)

·       biljett ta’ ġurnata bilqiegħda €25 (prezz normali €30)

·       biljett ta’ jumejn bilwieqfa €30 (prezz normali €35)

·       biljett ta’ ta’ jumejn bilqiegħda €40 (prezz normali €50)

Il-biljetti għall-istudenti u dawk li għandhom iktar minn 60 sena dejjem jiswew €15 għal ġurnata waħda u €30 ta’ jumejn. Tfal taħt it-12-il sena jidħlu b’xejn. L-attivitajiet l-oħra kollha huma b’xejn.



It-Tnejn 16 ta’ Lulju

12:30pm Quddiem il-Parlament, bla ħlas

Vinny Vella – pjanu; Andreana Debattista – vuċi; Anthony Saliba – baxx; Joe Micallef – tnabar
8:30pm Il-lukanda Phoenicia, il-Furjana

Ftuħ uffiċjali tal-Malta Jazz Festival permezz tal-wirja  fotografika: Jazz Island ta’ Joe Smith  u kunċert minn  Stjepko Gut Quintet li jinkludi lil Hugo Lippi, Olivier Zanot, Philippe Aerts u Philippe Soirat.

It-Tlieta 17 ta’ Lulju

12:30pm Quddiem il-Parlament, bla ħlas

Mariele Zammit ‘The Lieder Project’ – Mariele Zammit – vuċi; Joe Debono – pjanu; Joseph Camilleri – tnabar

8:30pm Palazzo de la Salle, il-Belt, bla ħlas
Tribut lil Clark Terry minn Stjepko Gut Quintet

L-Erbgħa 18 ta’ Lulju

12:30pm Quddiem il-Parlament, bla ħlas

Anthony Camilleri Trio
9pm, Offbeat Music Bar, il-Belt, bla ħlas

Il-jam session annwali tal-festival minn Stjepko Gut, Hugo Lippi, Olivier Zanot, Philippe Aerts u Philippe Soirat

9pm, The Storeroom, Ta’ Xbiex, bla ħlas
The Ranch  

Il-Ħamis 19 ta’ Lulju 

12:30pm Quddiem il-Parlament, bla ħlas

Warren Galea Trio

8pm, fiċ-Ċentru tal-Belt , bla ħlas (ATTIVITAJIET EWLENIN)
Yotam Silberstein Quartet (id-daħla tal-Belt)

Tribut lil Count Basie minn The MCO Big Band li se ddoqq Kansas City Suite (Pjazza Teatru Rjal)

Karim Ziad ‘Ifrikya’ (Quddiem il-Qorti)

Il-Ġimgħa 20 ta’ Lulju

12:30pm Quddiem il-Parlament, bla ħlas

Jes Psaila Project

The Blue Tangerine
New Jawn
ta’ Christian McBride

Is-Sibt 21 ta’ Lulju

12:30pm Quddiem il-Parlament, bla ħlas

The Malta School of Music Jazz Ensemble
Chick Corea Trio
João Bosco


Il-Malta Jazz Festival jippreżenta s-serje ta’ masterclasses annwali mmexxija minn uħud mill-aqwa mużiċisti fl-isfera internazzjonali tal-jazz. Il-parteċipazzjoni hi bla ħlas imma n-numru ta’ parteċipanti hu limitat. Prijorità tingħata lil dawk li ġa jipprattikaw il-mużika. Is-sessjonijiet għandhom tul ta’ siegħa u nofs. Kull min hu interessat jibgħat email lil u fiha jindika liem masterclass jixtieq jattendi, x’livell ta’ mużika għandu kif ukoll numru fejn jista’ jiġi kkuntattjat. L-applikazzjonijiet jiftħu fl-14 ta’ Mejju. Dawk li jintbagħtu qabel ma jitqisux. Il-masterclasses kollha se jsiru fl-OFFBEAT Music Bar, 106, Triq il-Merkanti, il-Belt Valletta. 


It-Tnejn 16 ta’ Lulju, 5pm

Hugo Lippi – kitarra  

It-Tlieta 17 ta’ Lulju, 5pm

Philippe Soirat – tnabar, Philippe Aerts – baxx

L-Erbgħa 18 ta’ Lulju, 5pm

Yotam Silberstein – kitarra

 Il-Ħamis 19 ta’ Lulju, 5pm

Olivier Zanot – sassofonu

Il-Ġimgħa 20 ta’ Lulju, 5pm

Stjepko Gut – trumbetta

Saturday 21 ta’ Lulju, 11am

Vincent Jacqz – taħriġ tal-widna (ear training)


Għal iktar tagħrif żur



The second edition of the Malta World Music Festival will be making a jubilant return on the 18th and 19th of May at Fort St. Elmo in Valletta. Over the two nights, six international acts hailing from all over the globe will be showcasing the diversity, breadth and vivacity that the modern world music scene has to offer. From contemporary interpretations of archaic musical forms to purer expressions of folk traditions, the line-up has something to offer music enthusiasts of all kinds.   

“I am very pleased to have managed to put together such a fantastic line-up for the second edition of the Malta World Music Festival,” enthused Artistic Director Renzo Spiteri. “Since its maiden edition last year, I wanted to ensure this festival represents acts of the highest calibre in order for the festival to reach new heights. This will surely be a festival like no other.”

Annabelle Stivala, director of Festivals Malta, discussed the progression of the festival from its original folk music focus to being a more all-encompassing celebration of world music forms with wider appeal. She explained, “Originally a folk festival which has now been streamlined, the World Music Festival embraces award winning international musicians and local emerging artists in genres that span from traditional to contemporary. As from last year, this socially engaging festival has been given a rather tempting new look. It is more fresh, trendy and carefully curated, promising the finest collection of world music Malta has ever staged.

Among this year’s highlights include Grammy-nominated collective Afro Celt Sound System who will be headlining Friday night’s concert. Formed by Simon Emmerson back in 1996, Afro Celt Sound System are a European and African based collective who’ve been a ground-breaking force in music ever since the beginning. With sales now topping one and a half million albums and two Grammy nominations to date, Afro Celt Sound System has been at the forefront of bringing worldbeat to the masses having performed at concerts and festivals all over the world.

Cushion, who will be flying the flag for Malta, will kick off the festival on Friday night. This local Indian fusion outfit draws heavily from the Indian tradition, with dominant sitar licks and eastern vocalisations, all backed with keyboard ambience and pulsating bass and drum patterns. Their live performances often include professional dance choreography, fire juggling and buugeng acts.

Friday night’s line-up is completed by Refugees for Refugees, a band of ten musicians under the leadership of the Belgian oud player Tristan Driessens who are actual refugees originating from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tibet. The band’s sound builds bridges between the musical heritage of their respective homelands.

Chart-topping Spanish artist Ana Alcaide will open Saturday night’s festivities. Ana has played a pioneering role in the introduction and popularisation of the nyckelharpa in Spain. Rooted in ancient traditions yet resolutely modern, her compositions deftly blend musical styles from different cultures.

Alcaide will be followed by TRAD.ATTACK!, a trio of musicians who play their own interpretation of Estonian folk, which fuses rock, folk and bagpipe music. TRAD.ATTACK draws inspiration from archive recordings of the great Estonian folk singers and instrumentalists who created and performed music for work, leisure and festivities in olden times.

The festival will draw to a close with a set from Electrik GEM! Guitarist Grégory Dargent and his motley band of instrumentalists - which includes oud, gadulka and tarhu players - merge sounds from the Balkans, the Middle East and the Orient as an attempt to musically transcribe the modern multifaceted Mediterranean metropolis.

The 2018 edition of the Malta World Music Festival promises to take festivalgoers on an expansive musical journey across time, cultures and place.

Please visit for more information.

The Malta World Music Festival is organised by Festivals Malta within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, with the support of Valletta 2018, Mapfre MSV Life and Farsons.



t-tieni edizzjoni tal-Malta World Music Festival se jkun qed jagħmel ir-ritorn trijonfanti tiegħu fit-18 u d-19 ta’ Mejju fil-Forti Sant Iermu ġewwa l-Belt Valletta. Fuq medda ta’ żewġt iljieli, sitt atti internazzjonali minn madwar id-dinja kollha se jkunu qed jesebixxu d-diversità, il-kobor, u l-vivaċità li x-xena mużikali moderna għandha x’toffri. Minn interpretazzjonijiet kontemporanji ta’ forom mużikali antiki għal espressjonijiet iżjed puri ta’ tradizzjonijiet folkloristiċi, l-iskeda għandha x’toffri lil entużjasti tal-mużika ta’ kull tip.

“Ninsab tassew kuntent li rnexxieli ngħaqqad flimkien skeda daqshekk fantastika għat-tieni edizzjoni tal-Festival Malti ta’ Muzika Dinjija,” qal b’entużjażmu d-Direttur Artistiku, Renzo Spiteri. “Mill-ewwel edizzjoni s-sena l-oħra, xtaqt niżgura li l-festival jirrappreżenta atti tal-għola kalibru sabiex il-festival jilħaq quċċati ġodda. Dan żgur li se jkun festival bħall-ebda festival ieħor.”

Annabelle Stivala, direttur ta’ Festivals Malta, iddiskutiet il-progressjoni tal-festival mill-emfażi oriġinali tiegħu fuq mużika folkloristika, għal wieħed li huwa ċelebrazzjoni li tkopri kull forma ta’ mużika dinjija ma’ attrazzjoni usa’. Hija spjegat, “Oriġinarjament festival folkloristiku li issa ġie mtejjeb, il-Festival ta’ Mużika Dinjija jħaddan mużiċisti internazzjonali rebbieħa ta’ premjijiet u artisti lokali emerġenti f’ġeneri li jvarjaw minn tradizzjonali għal kontemporanji. Mis-sena l-oħra, dan il-festival li jiġbed l-attenzjoni soċjali ġie mogħti xejra ġdida pjuttost li tħajjar. Hija waħda iżjed friska, li żżomm mal-moda, u kkurata bir-reqqa, li twiegħed l-aqwa kollezzjoni ta’ mużika dinjija li Malta qatt tellgħet.”

B-mod eżuberanti tiegħu, il-festival jirrifletti xi wħud mill-valuri intrinsiċi tal-mandat kurrenti ta’ Malta bħala l-Kapitali Ewropea tal-Kultura. Jason Micallef, iċ-Chairman tal-V18, qal, “Il-Fundazzjoni Valletta 2018 hija kburija li qed tappoġġja dan il-festival, speċjalment minħabba l-emfażi tiegħu  fuq id-dimensjoni internazzjonali fejn tidħol id-diversità fil-mużika.”

Fost l-artisti ta’ din is-sena jispikka l-kollettiv li ġie nnominat għal Grammy, Afro Celt Sound System, li se jkun l-att prinċipali matul il-kunċert tal-Ġimgħa. Maħluq minn Simon Emmerson lura fl-1996, Afro Celt Sound System huwa kollettiv b’bażi Ewropea u Afrikana li kien ta’ forza kompletament ġdida fil-mużika sa mill-bidu nett. Bil-bejgħ issa jilħaq iżjed minn miljun u nofs album u żewġ nominazzjonijiet għal Grammy s’issa, Afro Celt Sound System kienu fuq quddiem nett fit-twassil tal-worldbeat lill-massa, hekk kif ħadu sehem f’kunċerti u festivals madwar id-dinja kollha.

Cushion, li se jkunu rappreżentanti ta’ Malta, se jagħtu bidu għall-festival il-Ġimgħa filgħaxija. Dan il-grupp lokali ta’ fużjoni Indjana huwa ispirat bil-kbir mit-tradizzjoni Indjana, b’dominanza għal licks fuq is-sitar u vokalizzazzjonijiet tal-Lvant, b’kollox segwit minn atmosfera ta’ keyboard u disinnji ta’ taħbit tal-bass u t-tambur. Il-preżentazzjonijiet live tagħhom spiss jinkludu korjografija ta’ żfin professjonali, juggling bin-nar, u atti tal-buugeng.

L-iskeda tal-lejl tal-Ġimgħa hija kompluta b’Refugees for Refugees, grupp mużikali ta’ għaxar mużiċisti taħt it-tmexxija tad-daqqaq tal-oud Belġjan, Tristan Driessens, li huma verament refuġjati ġejjin mis-Sirja, l-Iraq, l-Afganistan, il-Pakistan, u t-Tibet. Il-ħoss tal-grupp mużikali jibni pontijiet bejn il-patrimonju mużikali ta’ kull waħda minn artijiet twelidhom rispettivament.

L-artista Spanjola fil-quċċata tal-klassifiċi, Ana Alcaide, se tagħti bidu għall-festivitajiet tas-Sibt filgħaxija. Ana kellha rwol pijunier fl-introduzzjoni u l-popolarizzazzjoni tan-nyckelharpa fi Spanja. B’għeruq fi tradizzjonijiet antiki imma reżolutament moderni, il-kompożizzjonijiet tagħha jħalltu b’mod ħafif stili mużikali minn kulturi differenti.

Alcaide se tkun segwita minn TRAD.ATTACK!, triju ta’ mużiċisti li jdoqqu l-interpretazzjoni tagħhom ta’ mużika folkloristika Estonjana, li twaħħad ir-rock, il-mużika folkloristika, u l-mużika taż-żaqq. TRAD.ATTACK huma ispirati minn rekords mill-arkivji ta’ kantanti u strumentalisti Estonjani kbar, li kkrejaw u esebixxew mużika għal xogħol, pjaċir, u festivitajiet fi żminijiet tal-imgħoddi.

Il-festival jasal fi tmiem b’att minn Electrik GEM! Il-gitarrist, Grégory Dargent, u l-grupp imżewwaq ta’ strumentalisti tiegħu – li jinkludi mużiċisti tal-oud, gadulka, u tarhu – jinkorporaw ħsejjes mill-Balkani, il-Lvant Nofsani, u l-Orjent, f’attentat biex jittraskrivu b’mod mużikali l-metropoli moderna u multidimensjonali Mediterranja.

L-edizzjoni tal-2018 Malta World Music Festival jwiegħed li jieħu lil dawk in attendenza fuq vjaġġ mużikali espansiv tul iż-żmien, kulturi, u spazju.

Malta World Music Festival huwa organizzat minn Festivals Malta fi ħdan il-Ministeru għal Ġustizzja, Kultura u l-Gvern Lokali, bl-appoġġ ta’ Valletta 2018, Mapfre MSV Life, u Farsons.

Plan your Summer with Festivals Malta

Plan your Summer with Festivals Malta


From world music, to Maltese folk song, to artistic performances and jazz, Festivals Malta has proudly launched four varied festivals to be held across the summer months.

Adding to the islands’ Capital of Culture celebrations will be four grand festivals, namely: the Malta World Music Festival, Għanafest, the Malta International Arts Festival and the Malta Jazz Festival.

While each festival boasts its idiosyncratic attractions, the four festivals find common ground in one of the primary aims behind them - which is to increase local audiences. All four also bring to fruition Festivals Malta’s vision of nurturing creativity, professionalism, participation and cultural education in festivals of the performing arts.

The season opens with the Malta World Music Festival (MWMF), on 18 and 19 May, which will be held in the stunning Fort St Elmo. Under the artistic direction of Renzo Spiteri, the festival has become an important addition to the country’s national cultural calendar as it celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity, the exchange and dialogue of people’s roots and the vitality that is borne out of such experiences and expressed through the powerful medium of music. This year’s line-up promises to impress, featuring the likes of Afro Celt Sound System, The Refugees for Refugees Band, and Cushion, to name a few.

Malta’s folk music heritage is given deserved attention thanks to Għanafest, which will be held on 22 and 23 June at Argotti Botanic Gardens, Floriana. In addition to serving as a platform for local folk musicians to perform għana - Maltese folk song – the festival is also a fairground for local bands and artists as well as foreign bands from Mediterranean countries, all celebrating the Mediterranean identity On the culinary aspect, this festival also offers its patrons a delectable gastronomical experience.

Site-specific curation, music, visual arts, theatre, dance, opera, installations, films, community projects, interactive and participatory events, are just some of the various highlights of the Malta International Arts Festival, which opens on 29 June. Highlights of this festival include the grand concert by the world-famous Royal Concergebouw Orchestra at the Manoel Theatre on 1 July and the literally gravity defying Aria by Italian dance company No Gravity at the Manoel Theatre on 8 July.

Cool jazz and breezy tunes will waft through the air from 16 to 21 July as the Malta Jazz Festival brings some of the finest musicians in contemporary jazz to the Maltese Islands. Big names such as Chick Corea, Christian McBride and Michael Lee make this year’s line-up shine bright, and don’t forget to look out for the jazz on the fringe events held in various locations around Valletta.

Early bird tickets for MWMF are already available. For more information, visit


Ippjana s-sajf ma’ Festivals Malta

Ippjana s-sajf ma’ Festivals Malta


Minn mużika ta’ madwar id-dinja, għal għana, minn preżentazzjonijiet artistiċi għal jazz kontemporanju, Festivals Malta kburija li għadha kif nediet erba’ festivals varjati li se jittellgħu matul ix-xhur tas-sajf.

Flimkien mal-kalendarju taċ-ċelebrazzjonijiet tal-Kapitali tal-Kultura, se jkun hemm ukoll iżewqu ż-żmien tas-sajf erba’ festivals ta’ kalibru: il-Malta World Music Festival, l-Għanafest,
il-Malta International Arts Festival u l-Malta Jazz Festival.

Waqt li kull festival għandu l-attrazzjonijiet partikolari tiegħu, l-erba’ festivals bejniethom jgħaqqadhom għan ewlieni dak li jiżdiedu l-udjenzi lokali. L-erbgħa li huma jwettqu l-viżjoni ta’ Festivals Malta li trawwem il-kreattività, il-professjonaliżmu, il-parteċipazzjoni u l-edukazzjoni kulturali fil-festivals tal-arti performattiva.

L-istaġun jiftaħ bil-Malta World Music Festival (MWMF), li se jsir Forti Sant’Iermu fit-18 u d-19 ta’ Mejju. Taħt id-direzzjoni artistika ta’ Renzo Spiteri, dan il-festival sar parti importanti tal kalendarju kulturali nazzjonali hekk kif jiċċelebra s-sbuħija tad-diversità kulturali, l-iskambju u d-djalogu tan-nies u l-vitalità li hi sostnuta minn esperjenzi bħal dawn u li jiġu espressi permezz ta’ mezz uniku bħalma hi l-mużika. Fost l-artisti li se jieħdu sehem, se jipparteċipaw ukoll Afro Celt Sound System, The Refugees for Refugees Band, u Cushion.

Il-wirt mużikali folkloristiku Malti jingħata l-attenzjoni mistħoqqa grazzi għal avveniment bħal Għanafest. L-edizzjoni ta’ din is-sena se ssir fit-22 u t-23 ta’ Ġunju fil-Ġnien tal-Argotti, il Furjana. Il-festival, minbarra li jservi ta’ pjattaforma biex mużiċisti tal-għana u għannejja jesponu t-talenti tagħhom, joffri wkoll spazju lil artisti u gruppi mużikali Maltin, kif ukoll gruppi mużikali minn pajjiżi Mediterranji oħra, li kollha jiċċelebraw l-identità Mediterranja. U x’hemm aħjar milli tgawdi dan kollu waqt li jkollok platt ikel bnin f’idejk? Għanafest joffri wkoll esperjenza gastronomika delizzjuża lill-ispettaturi.

Il-Malta International Arts Festival li se jiftaħ fid-29 ta’ Ġunju għandu ħafna aspetti differenti li ċertament se jolqot il-gosti ta’ ħafna min-nies. Minn dan il-festival, wieħed għandu jistenna kurazzjoni speċifika għas-siti, mużika, arti viżiva, teatru, żfin, opra, installazzjonijiet, films, proġetti komunitarji u avvenimenti interattivi u parteċipattivi. Fost l-aqwa spettakli li se joffri dan il-festival, se jkun hemm kunċert fl-1 ta’ Lulju fit-Teatru Manoel mill-Orkestra Concergebouw li ġġorr magħha fama dinjija. Spettaklu ieħor mistenni, li litteralment jisfida l- gravità, hu Aria mill-kumpanija taż-żfin Taljana No Gravity, li se jsir fit-8 ta’ Lulju.

Bejn is-16 u l-21 ta’ Lulju l-qalba storika tal-Belt Valletta se timtela b’mużika jazz kontemporanja mogħtija minn uħud mill-aqwa artisti tal-jazz fid-dinja. Il-Malta Jazz Festival, li se jittella’ fuq sitt ijiem, se jkollu tliet artisti importanti li jissemmew madwar id-dinja: Chick Corea, Christian McBride u Michael League. Tinsiex tiċċekkja wkoll l-avvenimenti tal- Jazz on the Fringe li se jsiru f’bosta postijiet madwar il-Belt.

L-ewwel biljetti bi prezz imraħħas għal Malta World Music Festival diġà huma disponibbli
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