Festivals Malta accepts applications for funds to support rock concerts, events and festivals organised in Malta under the auspices of its brand. Applications close on 15th July 2018 at Noon.


Compliant applications will first be screened in terms of the project’s eligibility by the appointed evaluators. Proposals which are not considered eligible in terms of the set criteria shall not be processed further and shall no undergo evaluation.

•        To be eligible applicants must fall in one of the following categories:

                 i.          Concert or Festival Promoter

                ii.          Band(s) or Singer(s)

              iii.          NGO or Voluntary Organisation



The proposal gives you the opportunity to demonstrate in more detail how the project satisfies Festivals Malta assessment criteria. A decision on funding will be made on the strength of the information submitted.

In the project proposal the applicant must include the following:

1.    Detailed Event description – This should not exceed 500 words.

2.    Venue chosen – This has to be approved by Festivals Malta. Festivals Malta can impose a change in venue according to its policy.

3.    Detailed organisation and role chart - This should include the names of the people occupying these roles.

4.    Detailed plan – This should include timelines of the work flow for the execution of the project. Amongst others, the plan would indicate which functions are performed by the outfit and which will be farmed out to third parties.

5.    Detailed business plan focusing on the following:

                 i.          Expected audience

                ii.          Ticket prices, including packages

              iii.          Comprehensive and broken down list of revenue streams, including, amongst others, sponsorships

              iv.          Full list of itemised list of expenses and costs, including the artist(s) performance fees

               v.          Projected profit and loss report

              vi.          Insurance policy

6.    Detailed marketing plan -  The plan must include details on how Festivals Malta brand feature in all the marketing collateral. Festivals Malta shall have full discretion in this respect.



1.    The funds applied for from Festivals Malta shall never exceed 45% of the total cost of the activity. The amount of the support shall be at Festivals Malta's discretion.

2.    The grant will be paid in two tranches IE 60% upon signing of contract and 40% up to 30 days after date of the event.

3.    The applicant shall conduct all financial transactions transparently and in full conformity with applicable laws. Festivals Malta shall have the right to audit the accounts of the event at any point before and after its execution.

4.    The applicant shall submit the proposal at least 3 months before the event. Festivals Malta shall have the discretion to alter this timeframe.

5.    In terms of branding, Festival Malta must feature as the main supporter of the event. All other supporters/sponsors shall be billed as secondary. Festivals Malta shall have full discretion in how this branding is projected before, during and after the event.

6.        Festivals Malta will only support projects which guarantee excellence in all aspects of the event's execution: artistic, organisational and financial. Applicants must explain how this goal will be reached and show their commitment to it.

7.        The applicant shall submit show how they plan to adhere to all applicable health and safety regulations. Depending of the nature of the event and the venue, Festivals Malta retains the right to add ad hoc supplementary regulations in this respect.

8.        The applicant shall submit a plan which adheres to Festivals Malta's    green policy.

9.        The applicant shall be obliged to pass on a number of complimentary tickets to Festivals Malta. The number shall be determined by the latter.

10.   The applicant himself/herself must attend and complete with success any specialised training sessions in the field that may be organised by Festivals Malta or that Festivals Malta deems necessary.

11.   Due consideration will be given to applications that are accompanied by the applicant's detailed track record in the field. This section shall include information and supporting documentation of similar events organised in the past.



Your application compliance checklist


1.    A copy of your ID card – 3 copies

2.    The project proposal – 3 copies

1.    If you are a voluntary organisation or cooperative, a copy of the relevant certificate of registration must be submitted – three (3) copies


Applicant compliance checklist

Projects are non-compliant if:

§  They are submitted by applicants who are not Maltese nationals/in possession of a residence permit in Malta or ID card.

§  The application is handed after 12.00 (noon) of the respective deadline



An evaluation committee will be set up to assess the submissions in accordance to these criteria. The evaluation committee will meet by the 15th of next month to evaluate the submission.

The evaluation committee bounds itself to issue the results of the evaluation within ten (10) working days following its evaluation date. The result may be communicated to the applicant in a written and/or electronic form.

Applications must be delivered by hand not later than 12.00hrs (noon) on the respective dates to:

RockN Malta

Festivals Malta

Arts Council Malta

16, Casa Scaglia

Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street



Evaluation process

While mandatory material must be submitted by the stipulated deadlines, Festivals Malta retains the right to request additional material from the applicants during the assessment phase. Festivals Malta may ask the applicant to attend a meeting or pitching session with the evaluators.

The results of each respective call (successful, unsuccessful and ineligible applications) will be issued on the date indicated in the submission timeframes. No information on the evaluation process will be released before the official result notification. Any form of soliciting will automatically disqualify an application.

All information received by Festivals Malta will be considered confidential, both during and after the evaluation process. Provisions on data protection and confidentiality for successful projects will be included in the Grant Agreement.

The decision by the Evaluation Board is final and without the right of recourse.



When accepting the grant, applicants accept that their name, the project title and the amount awarded may be published by Festivals Malta.

Beneficiaries will be formally notified with the result, the amount of funding granted for the realisation of the project, and any other conditions related to the grant.

A legally-binding project support agreement, between Festivals Malta and the beneficiary will detail the conditions and amount of funding.

In all cases, payments will be processed after the signing of the contract.

The grant received must be used solely for the purpose for which it was awarded, in line with the submitted project, the approval correspondence and project support agreement. Beneficiaries must advise Festivals Malta immediately if changes affecting the nature of the project take place during implementation.

Festivals Malta may alter or withdraw a grant if the change in the project is not considered reasonable in relation to the initial proposal or if they are not informed within reasonable time of the changes.  Any changes to the original application must be approved in writing by Festivals Malta. Festivals Malta retains the right to change or add new conditions to the agreement during its implementation, if this is deemed necessary for the proper management of the grant and the sound administration of the project.


Project Report

§  At the end of each project, beneficiaries will be asked to submit a detailed report highlighting the work carried out.

§  Beneficiaries will also be asked to submit copies of any relevant marking, publicity or information material developed for the funded project, including photographic evidence and press release.

§  A detailed income and expenditure of the project as compared with the detailed project budget submitted with the application

Submission of this material should be completed within one month of project closure. Festivals Malta retains the right to make use of submitted project material.