Bernie & Pod

Gold Personal Belongings

The name Bernie & Pod was derived from the founder band members’ name and profession…Bernie for Bernard and Pod for Ivan’s profession (Podiatry). Bernard and Ivan have known each other for more than 25 years and in 2014 they decided to raise funds for children being taken care of by the Ursuline Sisters by performing an acoustic gig. In 2015 Duncan was invited to join the acoustic duo as a percussionist. The band never looked back and together as a team they strive to produce innovative and unique music. Bernie & Pod do their utmost to produce innovative and unique kind of music, mainly in Maltese. 

The band has released four original songs, each song being accompanied by a music video. Apart from their original productions, they also perform in different local festivals and have been invited to perform in well-known events such as The Farsons Great Beer Festival, Rockestra, Delicata wine festival, Rock the Fort and Birgu Fest to name a few. They also perform in various pubs around the Maltese Islands where they are distinguished for the vibe they create throughout their gigs. In 2017, Bernie and Pod’s original song “Int u Jien dal-Milied” was chosen as one of the main songs to be performed by the band in the National Christmas Concert organised by the OPM where the band was also accompanied by the Malta Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Watch Bernie & Pod’s performances for Għanafest Online on Wednesday 10th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th June at 20:35 on and the Għanafest Facebook page.