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The concept behind the visuals for Karnival ta’ Malta 2021 came about following a thought-out process that would combine some of the icons closest to the Maltese public’s heart. Pawlu Curmi, il-Pampalun, is the protagonist of our concept and needs no introduction. The beloved and popular character who is synonymous with the Maltese Carnival is shown in one of his typical joyous poses and sporting a King Carnival crown on top of his trademark beret. Il-Pampalun is surrounded by fireworks together with the phrase that has now made its way into common discourse, “Xumm Pumm”, thanks to Joseph Mangion, il-Kapxi, and his debut on national television during the first edition of Malta’s Got Talent. Alongside the fireworks, one can see the placement of confetti that do not only represent the carnival celebrations but also represent Festivals Malta’s very own brand. Il-Karnival ta’ Malta 2021 will be a celebration with a difference due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from the scope of bringing carnival to each and every household on the island, this year’s concept brings with it also a beacon of hope. Symbolically, il-Pampalun can be seen with an undone surgical mask around his neck, revealing a big smile. The choice of placement of the mask hints that there is hope just around the corner.


This concept was led by The Concept Stadium, a local branding, digital and web UX/UI boutique agency, in collaboration with artist Julian ‘Julinu’ Mallia. Together with its growing pool of Commercial Creatives, the Concept Stadium is capable of taking a brand from its design and development stage to launching it to your audience, providing everything that one could need to gain go-to-market momentum.

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Amber Seychell is an aspiring visual artist, specialising mainly in the fields of animation, illustration and fine art. Having a background in traditional art all throughout her youth, Amber opted to focus and further her studies in the digital sector of arts. She has recently earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts degree from the University of Malta.

Amber’s sources of inspiration include anything human. Storytelling is dominantly featured throughout her work, as it enables her as an artist to freely express her thoughts and connect with the viewer. Designing characters is also an integral part of Amber’s work, aiming to create characters that one can relate to or simply appreciate. Relatively new to the art world, establishing her identity as an artist and an individual has been Amber’s on-going focus throughout her work. 

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Eric Leone is an artist and illustrator based in Malta. Ever since he was a little boy, he has been fascinated by historical tales, legends, mythologies, fantasy and fictional stories, as well as aspects of pop culture which include all these elements. Using both traditional and digital media, he seeks to share this incessant amazement with his audience. This is typically done through his artworks’ intricate details, playful and radiant colour palettes as well as powerful visual storytelling. Apart from freelance work, which is typically illustration for books, games, publications and private commissions, Eric is also a part-time lecturer at MCAST and University, where he teaches animation and other subjects.

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Lisa M Kaehler is a local artist who is passionate about self-expression through interactive artwork and digital art in general. Her work varies from hand painted murals to digital animation, graphic design and illustration, as well as installations, traditional fine art paintings and ceramics. In some of her recent artworks, Lisa has expressed her concern for the environment through reaching out to the viewers and tempting them into leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. For this reason, she is attempting yet another environmental call to the public of this year’s Carnival installations by creating visuals in favour of honeybees and tree preservation.