Fostering the Integration of Young Migrants through New Communication Tools

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Hip-Hop Artist, Producer and Manager

Electronic Music Malta (EMM) is a voluntary organisation with the mission of introducing the electronic music genre to new audiences on the island. As an organisation, EMM specialises in performing, composing, producing, recording, engineering and even the mastering of such music.

With 5 years of experience, EMM strives to help emerging artists make a name for themselves, both locally and internationally, while presenting them with various opportunities and initiatives. The intention of such an organisation in Malta is to showcase local artists’ creations by combining them with different art forms and sharing them with others. One characteristic which makes EMM’s productions innovative is the use of the Maltese language in their music. Through electronic music, Maltese is given a new spotlight as it is featured in original songs atypical of such a genre in the local music scene.

As an organisation, EMM also educates its students on the art of maintaining and caring for musical instruments and equipment. Furthermore, the volunteers at EMM participate in events which promote the use and appreciation of innovative instruments developed in the past 40 years, with some being used during live local performances.

EMM make use of a recording studio which is equipped with the latest technology and instruments available. Besides the use of state-of-the-art music production equipment  and software, the studio boasts a range of vintage electronic music hardware such as an eighties mixing console, various analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

EMM host an annual festival / conference named ‘Circuits’ which, in the past years, was organised in collaboration with Fondazzjoni Kreattivita and which for the coming 3 years will also be supported by the Arts Council. This conference unites local electronic music enthusiasts for a series of workshops and lectures about the artform. EMM also hosted the ‘Metro Radio Show’ on PBS Radio 2 for four consecutive years. The show consisted in interviews of electronic music artists and DJs, as well as coverage of the ‘Circuits’ conference. Plans for the radio show’s return are in the pipeline.

EMM volunteers Edwin Balzan, Martina Camilleri and Aidan Somers will collaborate with the other facilitators on the I.COM project. They will act both as mentors, as well as the professional producers and editors of the music created by the participants

More information and some of EMM’s work:

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Link to ‘Forlorn’ by EMM’s Aidan Somers:

Link to ‘Star Matter’ by EMM’s Edwin Balzan:


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