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Funk is a composition for clarinet, violin, and piano written by Scott McAllister in 2005. It was the second piece the American composer created for the Strata Trio, and one of the first following his divorce from his first wife. The tribulations the composer was going through at the time played a key role in the formation of this composition, with the three instruments representing the three disillusioned parties in the proceedings: the clarinet represents McAllister, the violin represents the ex-wife, and the piano represents the lawyer. As McAllister once said Funk is “a state of mind” and this can be seen from the way the piece evolves. Funk opens with the piano playing a solo rhythmic ostinato, with the violin joining in the fifth bar to voice its disagreement. The clarinet finally pipes up at the next measure, and all three instruments continue to create dissonance until they finally agree on a single tempo. 



Scott McAllister



Paolo Mangiola



Giuseppe Recchia - clarinet

Nadine Galea – violin

Tricia Dawn Williams – piano 



Pearl Calleja

Matheiu Chabaneix-Amor

Tara Dalli

Felix Deepen

Ibai Jiminez Gorostizu-Orkaiztegi

Andrea Martín Albert

Nicole Micallef

Keith Micallef

Simon Riccardi-Zani

Amber Van Veen


Videography & Editing 

Sebio Aquilina Audiovisual


20 July 2021





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