Welcome to the Għannejja’s Corner! Here you will find all the activities, related to Għana,
that will be featured during Għanafest Online. This year, we have collaborated with various
għannejja to bring Għana to your home so that you can still enjoy our cultural heritage.
Read more about the history of Għana

Għana Fuq il-Kelma

Join Joe Grech Ta’ Raħal Ġdid as he performs Għana Fuq il-Kelma! Accompanied by Yvette
Grech Buhagiar, Joe will be performing some impromptu għana according to the words/themes chosen by you. Check out this video for more details on how you can participate

Submit your chosen words/themes by not later than Friday 22nd May so that you can be part of Għanafest Online! Don’t miss the Għana Fuq il-Kelma sessions on Monday 8th June, Thursday 11th June and Saturday 13th June on the
Għanafest Facebook Page.



Pawney Family


Join the Pawney family as they perform a series of Makjetti on Tuesday 9th June! Jimmy, his daughter Dorianne and his two sons, Etienne and James, will keep us company with the following performances:

1. Id-Dota – Performed by Jimmy and Dorianne Pawney

2. Tal-Pastizzi – Performed by Jimmy and James Pawney

3. Il-Giddiebin – Performed by Jimmy and Etienne Pawney

4. Il-Magħmudija – Performed by Jimmy Pawney

5. Il-Qaddiefa tar-Regatta – Performed by Etienne and James Pawney

Stay Tuned!

Jomike and Lydon Agius


Jomike Agius (ta’ 7 irġiel) and his son 5-year old son Lydon will take the stage on Wednesday 10th June for a special performance of Makjetti. Witness the regeneration of Għana thanks to the talented Lydon and learn more about his love for this traditional pastime.


Għana mit-Tfal

Did you know that this year we have an activity for children? A piece of għana has been composed by Etienne Pawney and Denise Cachia Vella especially for children to take part in a fun-filled activity! Read more about this activity HERE in the Għanafest Online Kids Section.

Ghanafest 20 lin_Nanniet_Lyrics.png