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Guilhem Desq
Hurdy-Gurdy Virtuoso
Guilhem Desq - Artist 01.jpg

Guilhem Desq breathes new life into the hurdy-gurdy: a medieval instrument played by turning a crank which rotates a wheel acting like a violin bow. Desq plays an electric version of the instrument and has been nicknamed the ‘Hendrix of the hurdy-gurdy’. Thanks to the agility of his technique, Desq can play a wide variety of genres on his electric hurdy-gurdy including traditional European folk, Middle-Eastern music, contemporary rock, hip-hop, electro, heavy metal, and house. Desq travels the world telling stories using his trusted instrument, but the virtuoso of the hurdy-gurdy has also found a loyal fanbase online, with his YouTube videos raking in millions of views.


The Phoenicia Hotel,



General Admission: €15

Concession: €10

Price is inclusive of VAT.

Children under the age of 12 enter for FREE but still require a ticket.


All necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of patrons, cast and crew are being taken. Masks must be worn throughout the entire performance and social distancing must be respected at all times. Temperature will be taken at the entrance and sanitisation stations will be available.