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Light Up Valletta is a new artistic concept produced by Festivals Malta between the 1st and 17th of October throughout Valletta’s pedestrian spaces.  For more than two weeks, Valletta’s streets and squares will be enhanced with various installations.


Time and space are usually, unintentionally taken for granted. Valletta is an amazing canvas, a storyteller and a perfect provocation for creativity.  The project is an adventurous journey, a different way of exploring artistic expressions.  A playful narrative which draws attention to what is hidden in the surroundings. An opportunity to an alternative presentation of culture and arts. These works of arts shall portray various themes and messages. A continuity to what is temporal, yet an outreach for a permanent treasure.  Surely, a magical moment in Valletta.

1 - 17 October 2021


All Day 

Recommended time - Evening


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Artist – Carmel Borg

Artistic Development – Antoine Farrugia

Medium – Steel, Flourescent recylable cords

Location: Triton Square, Valletta

Ħarir is an artistic-biography of Festivals Malta. The artwork consists of a cube divided into 9 segments representing the major values of the organization.

Passion,Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, Community Development, Diversity, Inclusivity and Commitment (to the artist and the audience). The colourful continuous cords represent a network of relationships and similarity between the various genres of performing arts; different yet similar, extraneous yet related.  The visitor shall experience not only a general view of the artwork but also a walkthrough that reflects accessibility. 

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Artist – Andrew Zammit

Medium – Light weight mesh sprayed in colourful hues, Lights

Location: Zachary Street, Valletta

Straight Street in Valletta is home to some incredible stories and the last thing you would expect to find when walking through is a colorful contemporary art installation. And yet, a chromatic array of fabric shall be strung along the narrow and dark part of the city.

The installation is made from more than 120 pieces of fabric hung in layers to create a pixelated effect. The gauzy fabric is cut and spray painted in a rainbow of hues. With the exact amount of space between each piece of fabric, the layers begin to blend into a chromatic array of pixels.

The colorful pieces, shall give intense reflections when hit by the light breeze that blows directly from the sea that will give a perfect modern contrast to Valletta’s nightlife taboos.

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Artistic leader – Ruben Caruana

Technical leader – Andrew Zammit

Location: Main Entrance, Valletta

25 arches will give a warm welcome to the Capital City. The work of art is an open invitation, a teaser to look out for more. ‘MERĦBA’ is the conception of the concept ‘LUV’ (Light Up Valletta). With a span of over seven meters wide and nearly an arch every one meter, linear to Republic Street, this installation shall offer a unique experience. Perspective yet reachable. The LED tunnel is formed from LED lights controlled independently creating a fantastic feel-good factor.

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Location: Freedom Square

Festivals Malta, throughout the years, has become the principle promoter of the arts and culture. Striving for excellency, innovation and collaboration with various arts genres, the main local cultural agency has built a successful track record of productions and events, both niche and popular.

Artists, performers, technical collaborators, producers and those involved in the cultural sector, have, in some way or another, collaborated in one of Festivals Malta’s events throughout the years.

These unfortunate times, forever marked by the pandemic, reaffirmed the Agency’s commitment towards the sector.

The project aims to present all the memorable moments. The vast archive of Festivals Malta is being presented in honour of all those who have been part of this fantastic story.

The marketing department within the agency proudly present all the magical moments experienced throughout the years.

Watch out! You might be part of our story!

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Artist: Gerald Agius Ordway

Medium: Projection Mapping

Location: Pjazza Teatru Rjal

A handful number of columns are still standing at the ruins of the opera house, known as Teatro Reale. The dominant presence of these architectural works of art proudly witness the golden years of what used to be an artistic hub, a stage for local and international performers.

Valletta is a showcase of superb artistic treasures exposed at all times. Not hidden or locked in a museum: yet we ignore these rich architectural gems.

The project is aimed at encouraging the appreciation of the beautiful and unique characteristics that surround the city, offering an element of surprise and unexpected presentations.

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Artistic concept – Antoine Farrugia


Technical elements:


Lights – Carmel Borg

Audio – Matthew Attard

Location: Pjazza De Valette

‘INFINITY’ is an interdisciplinary installation that brings about the relativity between time and space. Hundreds of lights at various heights are synchronized to the sound of interstellar space meditation music into a surround system device, giving a sense of anti-gravity. An escape from the hassle of everyday life. The experience is a total meditation, a mind set into a calm and peaceful space.

Note: Since the interior space is limited, access is being limited to a maximum of two persons being admitted at one go. Since the elements are close to the visitor, it is highly recommended that visitors proceed slowly and with caution while exploring the instllation. It is prohibited to touch any element of the art work.

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Artist: I+A

Medium: Steel, Acrylic and light

Location: Castille Square

Visually ‘hugging’ the central prominent water fountain, the new structure reflects architectural cues, from the inclined fortification walls to the prominent arched main entrance to Auberge de Castille. The geometry morphs between these 2 prominent characteristics resulting in a defined contemporary morphing structure yet respecting the historical surroundings. The thin linear elements that define the ‘Triumphal Arch’s’ porous composition are lightweight, visually transparent and dynamically responding to wind and/or people moving the structure. A number of apertures frame views around the site while also welcoming visitors allowing for a steady stream of pedestrians to pass though. As one encounters the structure, the use of multi-colour fluorescent Perspex visually converges and dynamically filters the surrounding context with a flood of coloured light during the day and glowing neon patterns through the use of UV light during the dark hours.

‘Triumphal Arch’ will be a kaleidoscopic beacon for people for an otherwise transitional pass-through the spacious square.

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Artistic development: Festivals Malta

Medium: Architecture lighting

Location: Valletta Fortifications Marsamxett Side 

Note: Best visual experience from Sliema Creek

An ambitious project which has been on our bucket list since Valletta had regained an international appreciation and popularity.

Hundreds of artists had, in a way or another, expressed their artistic skills on canvas representing Valletta. We decided to revamp the execution. Instead of immortalising Valletta on a canvas, through this installation Valletta becomes a canvas itself.

Valletta is the living witness of Malta as a Sovran state.

A fantastic tableau, an explosion of colours representing our Mediterranean moods. The City that welcomes diversity and inclusivity.

‘Valletta in Technicolour’ is a narration of our characteristics. A gem in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea in a magnificent colourful palette.

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Artistic Development: Festivals Malta

Location: Republic Street

Greenery in Valletta; a subject that for ages has been a controversial topic on the agenda of various institutions. This installation’s unusual location and its massive setup makes a strong statement: seeking to recover our essential values as our allies for a ‘greener’ life. We must find balance between construction developments and urban environment conservation. This needs to be done before the power of nature reclaims its status.