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The eclectic sound of Tribali emerges from an unconventional array of instruments and an unlikely fusion of musical genres. The sitar, didgeridoo, electric guitar, bass, percussion, morchunga, harmonica and hypnotic vocals blend effortlessly in a vibrant exhibition of Tribali’s open-genre, which is influenced by psychedelic, classic and ethnic sounds, dub, reggae and ska, rock and blues.

Tribali’s unique style combines seamlessly with almost any musical genre, leading to performances alongside diverse world-class acts, such as Moby, The Prodigy, Faithless, Ziggy Marley, The Wailers, G3, John Butler, Wolf Mother, Crowded House and The Specials. International gigs include the Byron Bay Bluesfest, Glastonbury Festival, Psy-Fi Festival and Everness Festival.

Tribali went on to launch four studio albums, “Tribali,” “Elephants of Lanka”, “The Traveller” and “Raba’” as well as a critically acclaimed compilation, “Festa.” As of 2021, the multi-talented Kyle Drakard has recently joined the line-up on guitar, sitar and percussions.






Photo by Daryl Cauchi

Deeply rooted in Reggae and Ska, the band’s voice is a fusion with other sounds such as Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Latino style, and even polka.  This mesh of sounds comes together with the dynamic of their band’s, you can hear the International variance in the music of ManaTapu which combines 4 languages, lyrics go from English to Maltese to Spanish to French.

The band’s variety is cemented in local cultures where their multicultural influences mould together to create a highly energetic performance to “generate massive audience reaction when they play”.  As ambassadors for the local music scene, ManaTapu are «one of the most sought-after live acts on the island» of Malta and are best known for their crowd pumping sound and contagiously energetic shows generating MushPit.

They first delivered their massive energy to the crowd at the 2013 Earth Garden Festival where the Roots Stage brought to life the eclectic sounds of ManaTapu. Their latest album is a ten-track titled Tuatara, a legendary release that was launched in May 2018. Recently they just did their first Tour.


The eight-piece outfit is made up of:

James Saliba (Bass Guitar)

Ryan Abela (Drums)

Dario Vella C (Vocals & EGuitar)

Nick Morales (Vocals & AGuitar),

Luca Gurrieri (Saxophone)

Pupachile (Vocals)

Liksu (Keys & Trumpet) 

Tete (Vocals)








2 October 2021

St George's Square, Valletta


Doors Open at 7pm

Free (Standing Event)


Tickets will only be available online. No tickets will be available at the door.

All the necessary measures are being taken so that the health and safety of our audience, artists and staff are safeguarded. Those attending are required to present a valid vaccine certificate at the door, respect social distancing and always wear their mask. Patrons who have a temperature higher than 37˚C/or who fail to present a valid vaccine certificate will not be allowed entry. Refunds in these cases will not be possible. Spaces are limited and there will be no tickets sold at the door.

Children aged 5-11 years need to present a negative rapid test result done within 24 hours or a negative PCR within 72 hours from start of event. Children under the age of 5 years need not have a test result so long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian who is in possession of a valid COVID-19 vaccine certificate. Pregnant persons who wish to attend the concert, need to present a certificate from a medical practitioner and a negative rapid test result done within 24 hours or a negative PCR within 72 hours from start of event. These persons shall attend at their own risk.