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Illusion and sculpture dance along with figure theatre come together for NoGravity’s visual feast that is Inferno. With a cast of six acrobat dancers, Inferno presents viewers with a gravity defying performance. An extract from La Repubblica’s review sums up the show aptly: “If Dante and Vigil climb up stairs and cliffs on human bodies, if Ulysses is a dancer who defies gravity inside a sail of tulle, if the love of Paolo and Francesca is suspended in the air, you are in the Hell, nothing but the Inferno according to Emiliano Pellisari Indeed the creative direction of Pellisari originates in the idea that art arouses wonder maintaining the intellectual game at the same time. We do not want one to prevail over the other, we rather want to multiply the effects of both, as if we were looking through a kaleidoscope, rich in visual and intellectual emotions.

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No Gravity

Emiliano Pellisari

12 November 2021




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Emiliano Pellisari’s style derives from studies which goes from Hellenistic theatre to the extraordinary theatre of the Renaissance and the mechanic inventions of the seventeenth century. It readopts the grand Baroque Italian tradition of the theatre of marvels: a time when the artist’s studios, which emerged in Italian cities such as Florence, Rome or Milan designed and built extraordinary apparatuses that were masterfully applied by the great Italian artist-artisans in their mise-en-scenes to enchant the courts of Europe.


When his putative father, the journalist and writer Nanni Filippini, died, the young Emiliano was obliged to stop his studies in Philosophy and to start working as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc; all in all, as a real theatre artisan.


By that time, Emiliano Pellisari devoted himself to his own theatre creations and started working as a theatre director. He conceived and created the NoGravity technique and began his new artistical path with the show “Daimon Project” which was presented at International Art Center in Moscow in 2005.


In 2008 he met the young talented dancer Mariana Porceddu, now co-choreographer of the company and his partner in life.

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In 1987, aged 6, she began her dance studies and, at the age of 18, she passed the entrance exam to the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Italy.


In 2003 she graduated and became a professional dancer; she then obtained the Internship at the École supérieure de danse de Cannes by Rosella Hightower, France.


In 2005 she joined the company "Danza Prospettiva" by Vittorio Biagi, a fundamentally artistic experience.


In 2006 she worked in the “Jazz dance world congress” at Harris Theater in Chicago and worked as dancer in the TV Shows “Mattino in Famiglia” and “Domenica in Famiglia”, RAI 2.


In 2007 she became a teacher of classical and modern dance at the new training courses of F.I.D.S. In the same year, during the "Grand Premio Danza" held in Santa Marinella (Rome), where she joined the jury together with Alberto Testa, Oriella Dorella, and Vilma Battafarano.


In 2008 she met Emiliano Pellisari and joined him as a choreographer assistant. In 2012 she became a principal dancer and co-choreographer at NoGravity.